Christmas Tree Skirt

Are you tired of hearing about Camp Loopy Projects?  Well that’s my main focus in June, July and August each year so too bad if you are. 🙂   Actually those three months may be my most productive for finishing things all year.  Can’t be  letting projects linger since there’s a one month deadline from start to finish.

I should have my June baby quilt photo to show you tomorrow.  I’ve just got one side of the binding to finish hand stitching.  According to the tracking my fabrics for the August project will arrive today. Much easier to plan and figure when they are all laid out in front of my but as I had previously mentioned, I was thinking of doing a Christmas Tree Skirt for – yes it’s shocking – for MYSELF!   I have made many over the past 30 years or so but never one for me.

So I did a bit of tweaking on the design I had shown earlier that I was contemplating using.  Added some more pieces to the blocks to use up more of all of my different fabrics I ordered.  I still need to do some finally figuring to make sure I don’t use too much of any one fabric since the majority of them are just fat quarters.  But here is my plan – which is shown in the fabrics I’ll be using – except I didn’t order cream background but I think I have something in the stash to use for that.

The  circle in the center is to indicate where the circle will be cut out for the Christmas tree pole to go through.  JuniperBerryChristmasTreeSkirt