Camp Loopy Upwards Shawl finished

Clearly I do better taking photos when I’m not supposed to be taking photos.  My June Camp Loopy project is finished, the Upwards Shawl.  You can find a link to the pattern and yarn on my project page on Ravelry.

The photo below was taken as I was trying to lay the shawl over some rocks and I accidentally clicked the button.  But, it’s a great close-up of the stitch pattern and is actually a true color of the yarn also.20160716_9

Now when I try to take the photos, I got not so great ones but it’s the best I can do today .


Above is the whole thing – I made it larger and used just over 750 yards of yarn (600 was the requirement for this project), and it will be great to wear since those long ends will definitely keep it in place without one end falling down or shifting (a problem I have with most shawls/scarfs – they are just not long enough).  It’s asymmetrical and about 102″ long across the top edge. It’s knit on the bias from tip to tip so that makes it easy to just keep knitting until you want to stop.  Since it’s asymmetrical, you don’t need to know where your halfway point is.  I love patterns like that where you can make the most of your yarn.

The picture below is of the backside of it.20160716_7

My supplies for Camp Project 3 should arrive today so I have until August 1 to make my final decision on a pattern.  I’ve now changed my mind twice but I need to see the yarn I ordered in person alongside the yarn from my first Camp Pirate Pack to see if they will play nicely together.