Knitting Chaos

I seriously need knitting intervention.  There are just so many pretty yarns but more importantly so many pretty patterns and ideas that I want to try.

I posted July 3 about wanting to make Pool & Conquer, a new Martina Behm (Strickmich!)pattern.  I knew that there was going to be a Wollmeise yarn update at the Loopy Ewe last  Monday so decided to wait and see if any new Wollmeise lace (what the pattern is written for although it tells you how to adapt to other yarn) in the update.  Indeed there was and this is the lovely color, Suzanne, for that project.  I definitely won’t be starting on that one until after Camp Loopy has finished and a few other things are done.  In the meantime I’m checking out the photos being posted in the  Strickmich! International Ravelry group as others start on their Pool & Conquer.20160709_10

I have been working away on my Camp Loopy project 2 shawl.  It’s probably 3/4s done or a little more.  I made it larger than the pattern since due to the shape of it and stitch pattern you can simply keep knitting until you want to stop.  I need to use at least 600 of my 800 yards for that challenge so will have to weight the yarn cake and see how much is left.

Then there’s my CustomFit Cardipalooza sweater which didn’t get finished for that KAL but could possibly be finished for the Summer Sweater KAL  – if I get it seamed and the neckband and buttonbands put on.

It’s off the blocking mats tho and I love how the yarn feels after it has been blocked.  I especially like the little scallops the lace makes at the bottom of the sleeves – which are about 3/ length sleeves with a sort of bell-shaped bottom.


Then there’s the Bella Lino sweater I showed last week where I’m alternating three different colored yarns

DSCN5285It’s a little farther along than this photo from last time but I’m a bit concerned that I might have tweaked the measurements a bit too much for the A-line shape and it will be too big and baggy at the bottom.   So I came up with a brilliant plan (which some may think is just an excuse to cast on a new sweater).  I liked the fabric the green sweater above knit into so much and I have that yarn is a pretty blue also.  I have on my list of want to make sweaters the CustomFit Sanderling.   It’s simple and I’ll be able to make sure the A-line shaping is the way I want it much easier in one yarn.   I wouldn’t mind (well not too much) having to rip back the first sweater if I got the front done and decided it was too large and sloppy at the bottom – but since the first sweater changes yarn every since row to the next of the three colors I’m using, it would be a horrendous mess to rip back and rewind.  So that one will be set aside until I test out the other one to make sure all is well size-wise.tropicalsea_medium I love this tropical sea color.

And – yes another project is being worked on in between the rest.   See I told you there was knitting chaos going on here – I’m also working on a Brickless for a challenge.  I’m using Miss Babs Yowza yarn in Funny Papers.  This is a very simple pattern and you alternate sections of three different stitch patterns so it doesn’t get boring because you’re on to the next one.  Great bus knitting.

20160704_11This is Funny Papers – and this is how it looks in my Brickless so far.  Doesn’t look like much but it will be pretty when the sections are all blocked out.


Then there’s Laura Aylor’s Summer Shawl KAL and Miss Bab’s Rhinebeck sweater or shawl KAL — no I haven’t not joined them…yet… although depending on what the Camp Loopy project 3 requirements are, if what I have in mind works it will do double duty for the Summer Shawl KAL. 🙂

Enough talking about projects – I’ve got things to do – cleaning, laundry, or ………’s a beautiful day outside and I did get  some new chairs for my patio which are oh so comfy because they are made for tall people and big behinds and I have the first one put together.   So nice to have a chair where I don’t feel like I’m sitting on the ground (of course my short friends might need a foot stool) 😉   Ice tea, knitting, comfy chair outside listening to the birds…hmmmmmm… maybe I’ll go throw in a load of laundry and then go outside.