IT’S DONE!!!!!!!!!

Finally  – the last stitch has been put in the binding and this wedding quilt is done – only a year and a half AFTER the wedding.  I’ll be so glad to get this one set off — it sat in the corner languishing once the top was completed since I knew I wouldn’t get it quilted in time for the wedding – and then other projects got done before it since I wasn’t looking forward to pin basting it.  Finally I got it basted and half quilted and then it got set aside again.  I am very pleased with how it turned out and hope they like it.


It’s the first large quilt I’ve quilted since I had gotten my Brother Nouvelle 1550s with the larger harp space and large extended quilting bed and I can’t tell you how much easier it was to quilt a large quilt.  Well actually I CAN tell you — it was sooooo much easier.  It’s amazing what a different a few inches can make in being able to maneuver all that fabric.


The back even looks pretty cool since I used light blue and light tan thread so it shows up against the backing fabric.


All the fabrics except the taupe framing pieces and the background – which I bought new – came from the stash.  The two blocks on each side of the center of the quilt come from a panel fabric a quilting friend had sent me years ago. they were waiting for just the right project and this one was it.  There are two pagoda blocks like above and two Koi pond blocks like below.


I’m hoping to not repeat the year and a half delay in getting the next wedding quilt done.  The wedding is in October and I hope to have the top all put together in the next two weeks.

And my Cardipalooza sweater is drying on the blocking mats.  Got it pinned out last night.

The lace looks great blocked out (and the color is true in this photo for a change).



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  1. Wow! Is that ever gorgeous!!! If they don’t like it, I know who would be glad to take it off your hands!! :-0 🙂

  2. Hi Denise, Love the wedding quilt. It is a creative way to play with panels. I do not knit and have a question for you. I know you block your sections before you join them but do you have to re-block a garment every time you wash it since it gets wet again? it is beautiful lace.

    • Well – yes it’s blocked every time but blocking in its simplest form is just soaking and laying it out to dry. I only pin the pieces out to specific measurements before seaming – so for instance shoulder seams are pinned out to the correct length and same length so when seaming the sleeves in everything fits as it should. And I only pin a few specific measurements not all around every edge of the piece. I don’t pin them to specific measurements after they are seamed together and the button band etc have been added. If I’m just washing after wearing, I pat them out into place without pinning anything.

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