Happy Fourth of July


I would like to have a chat with the neighbor who was shooting off fireworks last night a 3:00 a.m. — to ask just exactly who stole his brain that he thought that was a good idea — or exactly how much he had had to drink which made him think it was a good idea especially considering the fireworks are illegal — or the fact that he’s shooting off illegal fireworks two three blocks from the police station on a hill which can be seen from the police station.  Yes – there definitely was no brain involved in this activity.

I walked out on the patio -since I was now awake  – watching the fireworks since they were shooting them into the woods right behind my apartment and I prefer to be awake if some stooge is trying to light the woods on fire.  But it didn’t last long – not sure if the police saw/heard them or  someone else in the neighborhood thought he was an idiot too and called them, but it wasn’t long and I saw blue and red lights (not in the sky but on the police car that pulled up in the street).  Hmm wonder how much a ticket is for shooting off illegal fireworks. 🙂

I’ve puttered away the morning so far but so nice to have this extra day added to the weekend.  It’s an overcast day – looks like it could rain any time – but hopefully it will hold off for those who have outside activities planned.  Me – I’ve got some sewing to do and some laundry to finish after I find some lunch or brunch or something besides just the coffee I’ve had so far.


3 comments on “Happy Fourth of July

  1. So sorry! I hate it when folks do that – we were on the lookout too as our pasture is just so dry! Spent days mowing a fire break just in case. Love the quilt in your photo! Very stunning

    • No it’s not available as a written up pdf pattern. It is an EQ file so you have to have Electric Quilt software 6 or 7 to use be able to use the EQ file.

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