A quilting finish

Last night I was working on a couple projects that have been languishing (well they have actually been laying piled up on a living room chair for a while).

My peacock wall hanging  – I finally hand sewed the binding down on so it’s now complete.


My Turkey Tracks block from Quiltmaker 100 blocks made into peacock

I also finally finished the neck to shoulder area on my CustomFit Cardipalooza sweater.  I had figured out a better way to do the lace pattern while decreasing the next edge up the shoulder area when I was doing the second side of the cardigan, so went back and ripped out the first side to redo it.  Looks much better now and I may actually get my pieces on the blocking mats later today.  There are still several other sweater pieces piled in that chair that I need to see where I left off on them.  I think they all need blocking before I can go any farther on them.

Finally after a long hiatus, I also started hand sewing the binding down on a long overdue wedding quilt.  Hopefully I’ll be able to count that one as done after this long weekend.

I also came across a new knitting pattern I had to buy although it will have to wait until after Camp Loopy for me to make it.  It’s called Pool & Conquer by Martina Behm and I love her patterns.  This one makes great use of Wollmeise yarn for pooling.


I like the way she’s wearing it in her middle photo  just draped like a shawl (and also because in the first photo it’s worn as a cowl/shoulder warmer sort of thing and I don’t know that I want to knit something to fit over my shoulders – but it would depend on the yarn.   She has lots of info in the pattern on how to figure out if your yarn will work for  this pattern so I want to take a look at that  before deciding on what color I might want to use. This may be my bus riding knitting project since it will be an easy knit (after I find the perfect yarn for it).