Whew! a three day weekend…

Just in the nick of time, a three day weekend.  The day job is very busy, Camp Loopy and some other projects with deadlines are keeping me very busy  – so much so that I had to turn down a project because I didn’t need one more thing to stress about.  Life should go back to normal by the end of August…. I hope!  In the meantime, this long weekend is very welcome.

July 1 we could start on our second Camp Loopy projects.  I cast on my shawl yesterday and have been knitting along on that.  Last night I cut out and got the blocks sewn for my fabric project.  Today, since I was dozing off as I was trying to knit before lunch (I may have stayed up too late last night or maybe all the stress of the week had caught up with me) anyway, knitting was not working so I got all my quilt rows sewn together and it looked like this.


The first image was the image I posted to Ravelry and as soon as I did that I saw where I had turned my blocks wrong.  Duh.  So ripped out the three offending blocks and it now looks like the image on the bottom.  much better.

I just need to piece a backing since this is several inches wider than the standard width of fabric.

I haven’t taken a photo of my shawl in progress – because there’s not a huge amount of progress to show. But I do have a photo of how my CustomFit A-line sweater is starting to look.

It’s a basic A-line shaped sweater with scoop neck and just garter trim on the hems and neckline. It will probably have 3/4 length sleeves.  I’m using the Bella Lino yarn – linen/rayon/cotton blend.  I have it in three different colors – but not enough of a single color so decided to combine them all.20160506_5

All three of the colors contain the same neutral color in them so I think they will play nicely together.  I’m switching colors every row which makes it easy because every time I get to the end of a row, there is one other color waiting there , so I just drop the one I’m using and switch to the waiting one.  It also means yarn is carried up both sides of the piece rather than all along one side which  is better.  I don’t know if I’ll get any strange pooling doing this but time will tell.  This sweater is a trial run to see if the ease on the A-line shape turns out how I like it.  I think I may have a bit too much ease in this one but don’t know for sure.



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  1. Being a beginner knitter and having little time to knit, I’m amazed at your projects and how quickly you get them done! You are a true inspiration! Thanks!

  2. The yarns of your sweater are working together beautifully! Great idea to use similar yarns when exact is not an option.

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