A new quilt design to share

I’ve been planning what my project will be for the July Camp Loopy challenge and settled on a simple baby quilt.   One of the fabrics I wanted to use was a large print of animals from the Hello Bear line of fabrics which I have thought was so cute ever since I first saw it.  Luckily I bought it during Camp Shopping Week because I see the animal print is no longer available in the colored background I chose – the other is cute too but I liked the light aqua background I got better.

This is the design I came up with – all except the gray are images of the actual fabrics I will be using.    Super simple to make and should go together quickly.  And I was able to make the yardage amounts I purchased work for this design (since I didn’t know when I ordered the fabrics  what design I’d use until I went back through some old EQ designs I’d done).  Now that I have a plan that works with my yardage, I will be ready come July 1 when we can start the next project.  This pattern, which I’m calling “Camp Critters” can  be found in my Free PDF Pattern Pages.

At 46″ square, it would also make a cute table topper turned on point on a table done in holiday fabrics.



9 comments on “A new quilt design to share

  1. Lovely quilt design for a baby quilt. Just finished getting a baby quilt top done, so looking for more patterns. Thank you for the pattern.

    • I can only suggest trying again later. It’s been downloaded over 100 times and I always test the links after I post them to make sure it’s working – and it is.

  2. Denise thank you for this pattern, it is just perfect for a little baby quilt I need to make for a niece.

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