A few things finished

I’ve been trying to get some projects finished off – Camp Loopy and Loopy Mixer projects – so yesterday in between running some long put off chores – I finished my June Loopy fabric Mixer project.

I haven’t been keeping track of incoming yardage (yarn or fabric) but am tracking used yardage.  So 7.75 yards fabric used between the two finished projects below (which brings me to the whopping totally of 17.5 yards used YTD — I need to get those large projects finished because I certainly have used a lot more fabric in that but I’m not counting until finished and the final photo added to the separate page for finished fabric projects (see button in sidebar for those).

As for knitting, 400 yards used for Mistress Tippet below so yarn used to date is 6,855 yards (which of course many more yards knit into not quite finished projects) — more stuff to be completed once Camp Loopy is over.

So here’s the recent finishes.

Here’s Dwight Deer.  20160619_12 He turned out very bookish looking – incognito with his teal eyeglasses.

Now I have to look at my list of Mixer projects to see which ones still need completing.


The binding was stitched down on my Project 1 for Camp Loopy.

Making Waves, a Moda pattern – with Pirate Loopy with his spyglass and parrot raw edge appliqued onto the anchor.


The background fabric is foxes in sailor outfits. It appears for these two projects – although the fabrics were purchased at different times – that clearly navy and teal colors were appealing to me.

I also got the buttons sewn onto my Mistress Tippet June Mixer project.

Love those buttons.  This was a very fun knit and I love how it turned out but I need to make a second one to make it a bit larger.  I think this one will go in the gifting pile.










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