More of the same

actually lots more of the same  – more sewing  – more knitting – more redoing the sewing because I did it backwards. 🙂  But I have been very busy this week on my Camp Loopy quilt and my June mixer project.  Then there was also the announcement of the July Camp Loopy projects so we could figure out what to make and timely get our orders in.

First things first – after several issues with this project (all created by me not really paying attention to what I was doing) all I have left is to hand stitch the binding to the back. 20160612_4 I started the quilting late yesterday and finished it off this morning.

The pattern is Make a Splash – freebie on the Moda website.  I love the simplicity of the colored waves and the anchor hanging down.

I had been joking about adding “Loopy” to the anchor (sort of like that company that has the kid fishing off the crescent moon) and was able to get him put in place.

Here’s a close up of Pirate Loopy looking out to see from his anchor perch.


It was  a fun project – once it quilt messing with me.

The fabrics for my July project has arrived and is patiently waiting until we can start 20160612_8that project.   I love the animal print and the leaf print in these fabric lines and will be making a very simple baby quilt out of these fabrics I think – unless I change my mind several more times before July 1.

My yarn for my July project — and yes I’ve changed my mind at least twice about what project I was going to make for July, will be in this yarn.  Sometimes the yarn looks very different caked than in the hank but in looking at them both I think this yarn will knit up into a nice blend of colors where no one color stands out a lot.  I think my final plan is to make the Upwards Shawl and just knit until I run out of yarn.  But there are still several weeks before our start date so who knows if I’l change my mind again.

Along with my next camp yarn, also included was the special Camp Club yarn and gift.  The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy in the exclusive color “Walking the Gangplank.”  Very pretty shades of blues — this will wait until after camp for me to decide what I want to make with it.  There was also a nice water bottle and infuser which I may have to try out later today.


And last but not least – look what I found in my mail when I finally collected it al from the mailbox.

20160612_1 A new mousepad with images of all the blocks from the last issue of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks on it.  They must have stopped doing the coffee cups with all the blocks printed on them (which must have been a headache to package and wrap and mail out) to mousepads.  The one I have at work is looking shabby so I can replace it with this.

Groceries have been delivered and put away (poor delivery guy – I was watching it get blacker and blacker outside at 8:30 in the morning until it was about as dark as 9 p.m. and of course just as he arrived it started pouring).  Rain didn’t last long but even tho a gloomy short of day, at least it’s not mid 90s and a humid sauna outside today like it was yesterday.  It’s 30 degrees cooler than yesterday and not humid but down right chilly in comparison.  Laundry is underway and that was really the only chore I planned to do today so I think I’ll start cutting out my June mixer project – Dwight Deer. I’ve had numerous people ask me about the patterns for Bjorn Bear and Dwight Deer.  Just  a heads up – the Craftsy class for those patterns is on sale half price right now – the name of the class is in the image below.  I’ve purchased several knitting and quilting Craftsy classes and never been disappointed and all classes are on sale right now – no affiliation- just a satisfied consumer.



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