Sewing Central

Today was a busy day of sewing.  A friend and her daughter came over to get some advice on a t-shirt quilt her daughter wanted to make from her sorority t-shirts so while they worked on that, I started sewing together the sections of my Barn Dance quilt.

20160605_4It’s now two-thirds done.  The remaining third will go off to the right side of the photo.  Somehow I seem to have lost 3 or four of the littlest hole in the barn door blocks.  I think when I was picking up fabric that needed to be put away I must have accidentally grabbed some blocks that were on the floor.  So if a quick search doesn’t turn them up, I’ll just make new ones.

I also fixed my problems with my Camp Loopy  “Make a Splash” quilt top.  No only did I have to redo all the HSTs to make them smaller, but when I went to sew the rest of the background to the top of the waves…yep, you knew it was coming…. I attached the waves upside down.  This is now fixed and hopefully I can get the anchor line and anchor attached without incident.

20160605_2I plan to trip down a bit of the top of the navy blue so it’s not quite so long.  I do really love the simplicity of this design.  I’m still deciding if I’ll hand applique or machine applique the anchor and anchor line.