Off to a Rocky Start

I can’t believe I messed up my Camp Loopy quilting project. I had planned to make Make A Splash in a smaller size than the original pattern size, figured out the size I wanted before I placed my order for fabric – forgot to order one fabrics so had to place a second order – but it’s all been sitting here waiting for the start of Camp.

First step was to make those HST waves


I like the fabrics I picked and how they look together but when I went to cut the large piece of dark blue that goes above this section, not enough fabric!  I made the HSTs too large.  I thought I knew what size I had finally decided to make them but did I walk the 12 feet into the other room to get my notes to make sure??  of course not!!

I could order more fabric but the quilt would still turn out larger than I want.  So now to grab the scissors and cut the blocks apart so I can trim the HSTs down to the size I actually want.  Good thing they are just HSTs and won’t take long  to trim down and stitch the rows back together but ahrrrr avast ye mateys – I should be walkin’ the plank for such a blunder (yes Camp Loopy is pirate themed this year).


4 comments on “Off to a Rocky Start

  1. It’s always good to see that others make the same mistakes I do. These blues are so pretty and really give the illusion of waves.

  2. An, yes, you are thinking that you are the only person on this planet who has made such a terrible mistake. You are such a neat lady — just clip the things apart and do them like you want them. Thanks for having such a wonderful sense of humor and such great ideas that you are willing to share with us.

  3. Thank goodness it’s a relatively easy fix …. not like cutting your outer border off while squaring up your project for the binding! What? Who would do a thing like that???? Hahahaha! Thanks for sharing your human-ness!

  4. Thanks for sharing your blunder here. It helps us realize that we are all human and make mistakes. I love this quilt pattern and can’t wait to see your completed version, especially the quilting.

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