Knitting and Quilting Insanity

Is there such a thing as too many projects going at the same time? Don’t answer that¬† – it was only a rhetorical question (and don’t tell me you start and finish one project at a time before moving on to the next because that’s just crazy talk!) ūüôā

Today is the start of Camp Loopy — I love the challenge of the projects and the challenge of meeting the deadline even if I’m only challenging myself to try new things and get them done.¬†¬† I woke up very early this morning (could because I fell asleep in front of the tv last night so had a cat nap before actually going to bed).¬† So I was up early, cast on my 318 stitches or so for my Seashell Shawl and got started.¬† I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to work on it on the bus but I got all the set up rows done and got the stitch markers placed for each repeat and it’s actually quite easy and I think I’m going to love it. I’m already thinking I may need to make a larger one with more rows of the Seashells.¬† So off to a good start and hope to have the first shell repeat done tonight.

Also came home and got all my pieces cut for the quilt I’ll be making for Fabric Camp.¬† It’s made up of large HSTs on the bottom so have most of those stitched and need to spend some quality time with my iron pressing them all.

Then, the June Mixer project at The Loopy Ewe was announced today.¬† You can see all the info about it here on TLE Blog.¬†¬†¬† So of course I had to decide what I wanted to make for the mixer.¬† Both (fabric and knitting) are a project you’ve recently added to your list of must make now projects.

I’m making Mistress Tippet – I love the look of this shawl and absolutely love that the ends can be pinned in place.¬† It looks like something that you can move around in and not have to be constantly adjusting shawl ends that get in the way or come loose.

Friend Judy made a gorgeous sweater in Madelinetosh DK Twist and I fell in love with the color and could not get that color out of my head.  So I found that color in Tosh Vintage and got that for my Mistress Tippet.

june mixer fab

The fabrics are for the June Mixer sewing project – I’m going to be making Dwight Deer – the Elizabeth Hartman pattern from her Craftsy class.¬† A deer with eyeglasses – friend of Bjorn Bear which I previously made.

Good thing the mixer projects don’t have deadlines like the camp projects do.¬† It’s going to be a very busy summer of sewing and quilting.¬† Wonder who’s going to be doing the laundry and cleaning around here?????