Bjorn Bear – the guinea pig


Bjorn Bear is nearly done.  I decided to trim down that print border because it was just making my eyes go crazy looking at it in a wider border like I previously had it. This is so much better after adding the plain border too.

This is my TLE May sewing Mixer project (something from favorite designer) and Bjorn Bear (Elizabeth Hartman design) is definitely a Craftsy enabled project.  I occasionally buy a class or pattern from Craftsy and they also have some great free patterns.  The classes go on sale often so if there’s one I want, I usually wait for the 50% off sale.  Anyway, Bjorn Bear came from a Craftsy class.  And then with their most recent sale I bought a machine quilting class because I wanted to learn to do “pebble” quilting and some other filler stitches.  So this is also a patchwork of quilting stitches (hence Bjorn being the “guinea pig for testing those stitches) – some good – some not so good but since only I know what I was trying to do only I know where it isn’t so good. LOL   My pebbles, which I used on the snout, turned out rather well if I do say so myself….and I do, I’m pleased with them.


Hopefully I’ll get the binding finished tonight or tomorrow and can mark another Mixer project off my “to do” list.


On and Off The Needles

I’ve been trying to play “catch up” on a few projects before Camp Loopy starts next week and I have had some success.

This week I finished off my Zen Pleats Cowl which is my TLE Montly Mixer project for April.


The theme for the April mixer was to use a pattern from a favorite designer.  I love Stitchnerds Designs (Susan Ashcroft).  Many of her patterns are simple but with great textures (like this one) and all the ones I have made (or have on the needles) are great tv knit of knitting.  Zen Pleats was made in Finito yarn so it is incredibly soft and snuggly.   I may need to start another one of these in a solid color where the texture should really pop for an upcoming gifting opportunity.

After finishing that cowl earlier this week, I pulled out my March Mixer project – Movie Night Socks.  For March you needed to somehow include the letter “M” for Mars.  So you could use a yarn line or color that started with “M”, use a pattern with “M” in it, etc.  I had been a bit concerned by how much yarn the socks were eating up and I was less than half way through the foot so I weight the sock and the yarn that was left and had already used more than half.  I also think I had made the sock a bit too large. Since I wasn’t loving how the sock was turning out anyway, I decided last night to rip it back and find a different project.

Again I went off to look at Stitchnerds patterns checking out what patterns she had that might fit the “M” theme.  And there was “Mistakes – I’ve Made a Few.”   Perfect!  Another simple cowl with a great texture.  The texture won’t be seen well from afar in mine because of all the crazy bright colors in the TLE Exclusive Bebop colorway but the texture should help stop pooling.  The pattern is also written for heavier weight yarn so I’m using my fingering weight doubled.  Don’t know how wide I’ll be able to make the cowl with the yarn I have but time will tell.


I want it more for the pop of color it will add to a winter coat or plain sweater on a drab winter day (and it will pop let me tell you) than for a “it’s 30 below keep me warm” kind of cowl.

I also have the second sleeve for my green sweater nearly finished – only about a dozen more rows to go.  So lots of knitting in the evenings here this week.

One last photo for now – in between rain storms – the hill outside is again blooming like crazy with what I refer to as the “purple stink flowers”.  🙂  It smells like a perfume factory exploded outside my door and for a person with allergies, that’s most annoying.