More quilting progress

No, I have not started stitching down the binding on that last quilt I finished quilting — but will get at it soon.  Today I decided to layer the peacock wall hanging made from my Turkey Tracks block and the free pattern setting I posted for the blog tour.

I found some fabric with peacock heads all over it in the stash to that is what’s on the back of it.  I stitched in the ditch/outline stitched all the colored sections20160521_6 I also meandered all the background fabrics with a two-tone gray thread except those to rectangles that go the width of the wall hanging – I used some purpley variegated thread to put in some meandering feathers.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get the binding cut and added to this one tomorrow – making two projects to hand stitch down binding on.

In the meantime I started on one of my Loopy Ewe Monthly Mixer projects – making a pattern by a favorite designer.

animalsAnd I think I’ve mentioned bought this Craftsy class because I like Elizabeth Hartman’s animals so after debating deer…bear..deer…bear…I decided to start with Bjorn Bear.  Of course I also cut all the main pieces for Bjorn from the opposite fabric  that I planned to use for his  main face color.  Starting like that does not bode well, but I recut the pieces and am back on track.  I’m working from the top down so once I join the ears to the top of the head, I’ll be ready to start on the part below his eyes – muzzle and bottom of head. It’s simple sewing but in some cases a lot of pieces.  Each ear has 10 pieces of fabric — but it’s all stitch and flip corners and simple straight piecing so I’m enjoying building up each section.  the hardest part will be decided what fabric his eyeglasses should be.

And just a heads up – since I noticed this when I was watching the above class today – Craftsy does have a sale going  – 50% off favorite classes.  There’s a free motion quilting one I’ve been contemplating so I may have to go back and look at that one..