May 14, 2016

A dreary and chilly day in May here but at least it is not raining – at the moment anyway.  Today I keep hopping between projects and chores.  I decided I was really losing interest in the chores so maybe tomorrow. 🙂

I now have three of the four sides of the wide borders on the Asian fabric quilt quilted.  All my bobbins ran out again so taking a wrist and back break before winding up what will hopefully be the last batch of bobbins and finish off that last side.

Last night I was checking out the status of my Loopy Monthly Mixer projects.  I’m not doing knitting and sewing mixer projects for every month.  A couple of them so far I plan to do both, but like for May, I’m only going to be doing a sewing project.   I have a couple mixer projects done, but I need to finish that Asian quilt because I have sewing mixer projects waiting to be quilted.

For April I had planned to do both knitting and sewing mixers.  I know what I’m doing for my sewing mixer  – I love Elizabeth Hartman’s animals.  And who can resist an animal in glasses?!


I haven’t decided between the deer or bear yet, but eventually I’m sure I’ll make both. Added bonus that when I happened to be seeing what new classes were at Craftsy, it was on sale.

I changed my mine multiple times and started and restarted and switched patterns on the April knitting mixer.  I ended up working on a lace weight shawl and I’m just not loving it.  I decided last night that that was not what I wanted to make.  I haven’t ripped it off the needles yet – I may finish it eventually but not as a mixer.  I’m just not fond of working with lace weight yarn.   So I decided to pick a new project with different yarn.  I knew I wanted to use some Malabrigo Finito yarn I had purchased not long ago – so incredibly soft against your skin that I knew I needed another Finito cowl (I have one other one out of Finito yarn which is my favorite cowl that I wear a lot – That Nice Stitch.  So I decided to go back to the same designer (Susan Ashcroft – Stitchnerds Designs on Rav) of the That Nice Stitch pattern to find a new cowl pattern to make.

So this yarn 20160514_5

will become a cowl called Zen Pleats.   It’s written for different yarn weights so you can make it out of all kinds of yarn and totally super easy stitch pattern and weird the way the edges seem to pleat up as it’s on the needles  from that simple stitch pattern.   I cast it on earlier today and got one full repeat done and I think I’m going to love it.