My Most Favorite Time of the Year…

What time is that you ask?  camp logoWell it’s Camp Loopy time at The Loopy Ewe of Course.  If you knit or sew – it’s a fun virtual camp where you can join in on various projects that you make in the months of June, July  and August and if you meet all the requirements and timely finish and post your photos, there are goodies you get for completion, along with a discount on your “camp supplies.”  Click the link above and it will take you to the announcement on TLE Blog with all the details.  (Isn’t that the cutest logo – yarn balls for cannon balls, knitting needles and yarn for the jolly roger Loopy flag, socks and mittens on Loopy and the monkey and the socks blowing in the breeze on the S.S.Loopy.

I have participated in Camp Loopy ever since it started back in 2011 and thoroughly enjoy it.   Two years ago in addition to the knitting Camp Loopy, a fabric Camp Loopy was also added.  The first year they did the fabric camp, I did both knitting and fabric camps and boy was I busy.  Last year I decided I’d come to my senses and only did fabric camp.  But this year, before I knew it, arrrr avast ye mateys insanity took me  and I had joined in both knitting and fabric again. 🙂

So what am I making you ask?   Well, for knitting you need to use 400 yards of yarn in your project and have a choice of different techniques you need to use in your project but otherwise the actual project is up to you.  There are also groups set up on TLE Ravelry group for each one of those different types of projects where those that wish chat, share what they are making, ask questions or get help from others — lots of fun and I see so many patterns I’ve never see before.   I will be in the “Lace Lagoon” group since I chose a project with some lace in it and it seem appropriate for the pirate/sailing theme.  I’ll be making the Seashell Shawl.  That link will take you to my project page where the link so you can see the pattern is located.  It will be in some lovely “lagoon” colored Malabrigo Mechita (the actual color is called Impressionist Sky”)


The fabrics are for, of course, my fabric project where we’ll be sailing the “Fat Quarter Coast”.  I came across a pattern not long ago and I knew it was going to be a pirate/sailing theme so I saved it because it was so perfect and fit with the requirements – you need to use at least 2 yards of fabric and of those 2 yards must include at least 2 fat quarters.

It’s called Make a Splash

mmake.PNGThe pattern can be found on the Moda blog at that link.  I got the various shades of blue above – Kona solids – and have some others in the stash I may mix in with them.  Except for the darkest blue and white, I got all fat quarters so lots of choices.  If I want to stay really true to the original colors, I do have the green shades I my stash but I wanted to make sure I had enough blue shades to work with.

New this year as an optional thing in connection with camp was “Camp Club” where you could join/pre-order and each month a surprise hank of yarn and other “pirate bootie” would be sent along with your camp supply order.  I’ll wait to show you that until I comes but the spoiler photos (yes I peeked) show it is great.  The special yarn color that was dyed is called “Pirate’s Ransom.”

Now the hard part….. waiting until my goodies arrive (which won’t be too long) but then waiting again because we can’t start our projects until June 1… perhaps I need to take a vacation day from work that day to get a jump start! 🙂

Are you going to be sailing along in the S.S. Loopy and joining Camp this year?

(back to working on my green sweater – I finished one sleeve over the weekend and have started the second.  I hope to have all the pieces done by Friday’s On the Needles report…maybe….)