Machine quilting progress

Time for a back and arm and finger stretching break.  I finally this morning pulled out that long-neglected Asian fabric themed wedding quilt that is past due.   All the framing pieces are quilted and I just finished off all the quilting within the blocks.


This is the quilting on  back of one of the larger squares.


I just finished basting down the outer edge of the outside border.  Just the outside border and background fabric area around the blocks to quilt and I think I may need to add a little more quilting to the smaller inner border but will wait to see about that.  So now I can take out all the pins, trim some threads, and get back to quilting.  If I can finish off all the background quilting today I will be very happy.  There is some hope that the bride and groom will get this quilt BEFORE the 1.5 year anniversary mark. 😉

There’s some bananas on the counter needing to be baked into something and I’m so looking forward to dinner tonight — I finally remembered yesterday to buy  the bottle of wine so that I can make Chicken Chablis – in my opinion the best chicken dish ever as I might have mentioned one or two or three times before…..  I’ve been so hungry for it.  Then later this week I can also make some French onion soup since I use the same type of wine in that.



7 comments on “Machine quilting progress

  1. Denise, you aren’t kidding us, seem to be leftover bananas around that house. ; )
    I know that trick, buying lots of bananas pretending you w.ill eat them up before they reach banana bread stage

  2. I like this quilt,colors are truly my favorite. Would you believe we have only been married a year and half? Well, a little over that a little, by 58 years. Worth a try. Lucky couple when they get it.

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