Barn Dance Blocks

I pulled all my blocks off the design wall to start laying the out in their proper spaces.  This quilt is larger than my design wall so I’ve got a partial row of blocks on the floor and several blocks not in place because one of the stash shelving units is in the way.


Not a great photo – I think I need to clean off the camera lens perhaps.  I’ll leave the blocks up on the design wall for a while (while I finish machine quilting another quilt) and maybe move a few blocks around or maybe  not move any.  I’ll have to wait and see.


A great use for wooden skewers

I have a whole bunch of skewers that have been in the back of a kitchen drawer for ages.  They don’t get used much and actually, they probably get used more for things other than “skewering” food.

Did you know they are great for blocking cowls?


My Twilight cowl is drying (along with my sweater swatch).   As you can see I’ve got wooden skewers in each end – great way to get things to be nice and even.  Just put the skewers inside the cowl and put a pin at top and bottom of wooden skewer to hold it in place and no pins needed down the sides.

Saturday – May 7, 2016

Everything is leafing up, and weeding up — but some of them are pretty weeds.  The hillside is first covered in little clumps of white violets with a few purple ones here and there.  Then just as they are getting pretty this taller weed that gets a little white flower on top grows up to hid the violets.  Now if I could just get it thru whatever bird’s head that is insistent that it wants to build a next between the outdoor light and the siding I would be happy.  I keep pulling down long strands of weeds and grasses and it keeps bringing a few back.

This morning – breakfast out with a friend and running a few errands so now it’s time to get busy and get some cleaning done around here.  I hope later this afternoon to get into the sewing room and take all my Barn Dance blocks down off the design wall and then get them put back up in the proper layout with the background filler sections — or at least as much as will fit on the wall — to see how it looks.

I was good and resisted the urge to cut into those new batiks and start on this quilt.


I have not even opened the box of batiks yet to avoid further temptation.

Speaking of this quilt – I’ve gotten lots of emails asking when I will be making this pattern available and other questions about it.  First never assume it’s a question of “when” since I simply don’t have time to write up everything to share.  Second, this one will NOT be made available.  This is based on a copyrighted pattern -in my  blog post of last Friday I gave the name of the design and the designer’s name and the fabric company name where I found it.  It’s a free pattern so if you’d like to make it, you can find it on the pattern company’s website. In my image I simply made it twice as wide and longer than the original design and mocked it up in EQ so I could see how it would look with a bunch of different fabrics for my own purposes.  That does not make it mine to share with you however.

It should be a really easy quilt to stitch up – all HSTs.  The hardest part will be making sure to match up the proper fabrics -which is why I drew it up in EQ so I can print the blank layout and add numbers for each fabric which I think will make it easier for me to map out and keep my fabric order correct.

I did continue to knit on my Cardipalooza last night – nearly ready to start the sleeve cap decreases –  but I did not resist taking a break from that and swatching this yarn which I showed you yesterday – the Bella Lino.

20160507_2.JPGThis is interesting yarn.  It looks really thin but it’s listed as a DK weight.  I used the smaller of the needle sizes listed on the ball band since I knit more towards the looser side than tighter and really like the fabric it makes.  It will be interesting to see how it feels after I wash and block it.  The yarn itself feels rather ropey – it’s not hard to knit with but it definitely feels sort of crispy.  Yet when I rub the swatch against my skin and I think linen is supposed to get softer as it is worn.

I need to block a cowl so decided I’d get this swatch knit so I can soak it at the same time.  But I see this being a great summer short sleeved sweater to wear with jeans.