On the Needles – May 6, 2016

Since I had to wait on some knitting needles to arrive in order to start my CustomFit first A-line sweater and try out that new feature, I have been knitting steadily on my Cardipalooza cardigan.   I have also figured out how to fix my issue with the neckline of said sweater.


As you can see on the piece on the left above – there’s a stockinet stitch sort of triangle on the inner neck edge  – I didn’t want the lace to interfere (leave holes where my yarn overs are in the lace pattern) right where I need to pick up the neckline stitches. My plan was to let just two repeats of lace go up to the shoulder.  I was toying with one collar idea that would have covered up that area anyway.   But I tried something different when I did the left front of the sweater and there’s a very little area of non-lace and I don’t think I ended up with any problems along the edge for when I pick up the stitches.

So, I’ll be ripping back the one section to the start of the neck edge and trying to remember exactly how I did the other side and fix it.

In the meantime, I’m moving right along on the first sleeve.  They are wide sleeves – they were going to be 3/4 but I’m thinking about making them just slightly below my elbow instead since this is more a spring/summer sweater in this yarn.

20160506_4Instead of the ribbed edge I originally planned, I decided to start with the lace patter for just a few repeats on the sleeve edge.  It will be slightly scalloped when blocked.  I wish I would have done that to the bottom of the sweater pieces rather than the ribbing there too but I’ll save that idea for another sweater since I’m soooo not ripping all that back.

I also got this week the third color of this Bella Lino yarn – which is also a summer yarn – linen, cotton and rayon blend.

20160506_5It says it’s DK but looks thinner but since whatever I make will be a CustomFit pattern I’ll just make a swatch and it won’t really matter.  Projects on Ravelry show it knits up as subtle long stripes.  I couldn’t decide on a color – I like both the bluer one and the greener one so I decided to get the neutral one and I’m planning to alternate all three as I knit and see how that looks.

But back to my cardi this evening.  I’m hoping to get one sleeve finished off tonight.

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