Stained Glass Cowl KAL

Judy at Patchwork Times and I like so many of the same knitting patterns and had been emailing back and forth about wanting to make the Stained Glass Cowl pattern by Wendy D. Johnson which is available on Ravelry.


It’s a stunning stranded / fair isle knitting project and since it’s reversible  –   in my opinion – double stunning.

The letters “KAL” might have been included in those emails between Judy and I (for any non-knitters or newbie knitters that stands for Knit A-Long).  It’s always more fun to work on a project where others are working on the same thing, especially since Judy and I live too far apart to sit together and sip margaritas and knit together.  (okay if we started sipping – there’d be very little knitting but it would be fun!).    My favorite part of KALs are seeing all the color choices / yarn choices other people have made.  Many times I will see yarns I never knew existed (probably safer for my pocketbook if I never knew they existed), colors used together that I might never have thought of doing, and if you get stuck, someone else in the group may be able to answer a question. 

So, Judy contacted Wendy to make sure she was okay with our hosting a KAL on our blogs – and she was – so we are – and we hope you’ll join us.   Otherwise when you see all the finished cowls you’ll be wondering why you didn’t join in in the first place.  Judy has listed some of the additional specifics you need to know  about this pattern in order to decide if you want to KAL with us which I won’t repeat all that here.  Please go to her blog at the Patchwork Times link at the top of the page for more info. 

Of course a couple things I will repeat — (1) Start date is September 1 so you have all summer to figure out your yarn choices.  (2) There will be prizes, but if you win in order to receive your prize you need to have a Ravelry account.  The accounts are free, they’re easy to set up, they don’t spam you with email, and if you knit or crochet  – they are such an incredible resource.  (3) You will also need to purchase the pattern through Ravelry.  Again – really easy to do.  Set your account up first before purchasing and it will save the pattern into your Ravelry account so you can print it but a copy always remains in your account to access at any time.

Prior to starting we’ll be sharing some additional blog posts regarding yarn choices, or what you may want to consider in making yarn choices, and other tidbits of information which you may find useful.  There’s a video I love which I used to learn “two handed” fair isle knitting – one yarn in each hand. I love knitting that way and the video was so easy to follow along with  –  so I’ll be sharing the link again to that as well – tho it’s not necessary to knit this project that way.  Neither of us profess to have any special knowledge – other than knowing what has worked for us or failed for us in past projects.

Want to knit with us?  You know do!  🙂

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  1. I’m contemplating joining in. Thanks for giving us plenty of time to get the right yarn!

    • That’s the beauty of it – it looks hard but it’s just straight knitting (except for one purl row) and it’s all laid out in an easy to follow chart.

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