May 4 – Blog Tour Day!

Happy Wednesday!  Despite the fact that it is 12:15 a.m. on May 4, – the little calendar day on my blog by the title says it’s May 3!  Clearly I’ve fallen into a black hole somewhere but trust me – it really is May 4.

I am so pleased and honored to again be a part of the  Quiltmaker 100 Blocks blog tour.   Be sure to check out the Quiltmaker Quilty Pleasures blog for a full list of everyone on the blog tour  this week and links to their blogs.  You can order your own print or digital copy of the magazine at the online shop.

This is my seventh block to be published in 100 Blocks and finding out a block has been accepted for publication is just as exciting today as when the first block was accepted.   It is Block No. 1246  and it’s called “Turkey Tracks.”


This is the photo of the  block I made and submitted to Quiltmaker.  Turkey Tracks is a continuation of a series of bird block designs I’ve worked on over the past couple years – some of which have appeared in previously 100 Blocks issues and Quilts From 100 Blocks.  I use Electric Quilt software for all my quilting designs.   So after getting my block drawn, tweaking things a bit, getting the correct size —  it was off to the stash.

I knew I wanted to use batik fabrics for this block and I had a fat quarter of the tail fabric and the colored border fabric set aside for a while to use for something special.  I just love the color combination of the grays, pinky-corals and golds in those fabrics.   So grabbed those and then chose the other fabrics to go with them and I was ready.

Turkey Tracks is a predominately paper pieced block with some traditional piecing to finish it off. Even if you’ve never done any paper piecing, I think you’ll have great success with this one since there’s no real small pieces.  I would suggest staying away from a one-way design background fabric tho since it is paper pieced – unless you don’t mind your one way fabric going every which way.

I think this turkey is strutting along proudly.  He reminds me of the flock of seven of them that more than once have stood defiantly in the middle of the road  (yes, I do live in a city) making my bus to work wait until they (the turkeys) decided it was a good idea to get out of the middle of the road — and in case you are wondering, turkeys do not make up their mind to be cooperative very quickly and they really don’t respond to a bus driver standing in the doorway  of the bus yelling “shoo, shoo” at them (although all the usual morning passengers do respond to that by laughing a lot!) 🙂

I decided I wanted to make this block into a table runner or wall hanging and will share that information so you can make your own version of it (of course the sizing of the wall hanging will work with any 12″ finished / 12.5″ unfinished quilt block inserted as the center design).

Here’s the EQ setting design I came up with.  I wanted something very simple and since I was using fall colors, my favorite leaf shape had to be included.

turkey tracks projects from 100 blocks block.JPG

After looking at the design above, I decided I wanted to use an alternate layout of  that version for myself  to make it as a vertical wall hanging.  My desk at work has a partial fabric covered cubicle wall and hanging vertically it  will be the perfect size to hang in that space.

As I was looking through my pile of batiks, I decided since I’d already made the block once in fall colors, this time I’d try something different (even tho fall colors are my favorite).  I pulled some favorite batiks –

20160501_10 and thought…

“hmmm…. turkeys are not blue” –   not that that would necessarily be a deterrent to me.  And in the end it wasn’t –  I decided that if done in blue, the turkey  would sort of look like a peacock strutting along – so blue feathers it was!


Here’s my vertical layout version – time got away from me so I haven’t had a chance to quilt it yet.


Now you may notice a couple of things different in my version versus the fall-colored version.  The same cutting instructions apply to both orientations so you can easily decide which way you want yours to be.  I haven’t added the leaves to mine and I think I may just machine quilt a wide feather pattern in some lovely bright variegated thread across the areas where the applique would go.  And for those of you who are very observant – I goofed!

At the top and bottom ends, my fabrics are reversed in the flying geese border blocks.  I have my lighter fabric in the triangle shapes  at the very edge of the wall hanging, rather than the darker fabric at the outermost edge as show in the fall-colored version.   It is a design element I planned, right?  Or could it be that I sewed that thin strip that goes next to those pieces on the wrong end (the edge of the dark triangles).  I, of course, did that very thing to not just one section but to both sections.  When I noticed it, after possibly muttering a few bad words, I was diligent and ripped off that thin strip in order to correct it.    Several days passed before I got back to working on it and I did the EXACT SAME THING sewing that strip to the WRONG SIDE OF BOTH YET AGAIN!!  Good grief.  That was when I decided I really  LOVED the lighter fabric at the very top and bottom edges (or maybe I decided no way no how was I ripping it off again).  I could have reversed the fabric colors in the EQ images above or told you I “intentionally” reversed those fabrics in my second version  and you never would have known I couldn’t follow my own instructions.  But this way you can see how it looks with both darker and lighter fabrics along the edge, right?  Just more options to choose from.

If you want to download the instructions for the wall hanging (the Turkey Tracks block is not included – you need the magazine for that) you can download the PDF file here

If you would like to win a copy of this latest issues of 100 Blocks, Updated:  Drawing has been concluded.  Winners announced in next blog post.

Good luck and thank you for visiting with me on the blog tour.

Denise ~ Justquiltin

PLEASE NOTE – if the pdf download does not work for you, it’s because of the traffic from the blog tour with people downloading it before you  – so simply try again later, or tomorrow, or next week or next month – you get the idea.  The link will remain available for you to download indefinitely so if it gives you an error, please come back and try again later because the link is working….really…… it just may be “overwhelmed” when you try.

Happy Quilting Everyone!


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  1. It looks like a peacock to me… We have a resident peacock called Kenneth at a cafe near us so my block would be called Kenneth

  2. This block would be perfect for the holidays and it doesn’t look too hard to do. Double win. Thanks.

  3. I love your block made into a table runner. I know about making the same mistake twice when sewing. It can really make a person think they are crazy.

  4. No need for a title! It said turkey all over it! And what a great rendition, I am so glad to have this for a fall pattern. Kathy in Colo

  5. If you hadn’t pointed it out, I would not have studied to two quilts so hard. I like them both.

  6. The turkey made me laugh. I live in the woods surrounded by wild turkeys. They are so funny.

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  15. I do like your bird patterns and I think the peacock is just the best of all.

  16. Your block is Awesome! Both ways! & I like the lighter strip on the top too..You didn’t “goof up”…you just chanceged your mind! giggle..

    Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too! 😀

  17. Great block! I really like your table runner and vertical wall hanging. The turkey became a gorgeous peacock.

  18. Your block is wonderful. I also saw a peacock in the second one. Cool to have options. And I love your goof/design element.

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  22. Denise, love this block, especially the peacock version! Mom and Dad used to have peacocks – good alarm system for a farm! Thanks for the pdf download of the runner pattern – that’s very nice of you!

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  25. Thank you for a chance to win. I live in an area that has lots of wild turkeys. I can relate to your story about waiting for them to move on. Your block is a good rendition of a turkey and would make a great Thanksgiving table topper.

  26. Thanks for showing your block in the two different settings. Both are great and really showcase the block. I think I like the peacock best. That blue really works.

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    my yard quietly watching. Of course — it could also be a pheasant or as
    intended a turkey. I love this bird.

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  42. I love this block, and how the fabric choice really changes it up!! (You might need to check the link on quiltmakers website for Day 3. The link didn’t drop me here. It placed me on a post from 2010. ) I found this post by googling your name 🙂

  43. I enjoy reading your blog and am in love with all of your bird blocks. Congratulations on being included in 100 Blocks again!

  44. Thanks for the opportunity. Your block is great, turkey or peacock, but I’m partial to the peacock

  45. Congratulations on another block being published. It is interesting that you mentioned making it into a peacock by changing the fabric. When I first saw the block I thought Pheasant.

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  51. Both are just lovely! Great blocks! And this happens to me too, especially with paperpiecing. So many times my brain just thinks in the wrong direction,lol!
    Thanks for the PDF , thats so sweet!

  52. I was a tester for this issue and had the pleasure of testing your block…it is fabulous

  53. Hi Denise! Another nice block–congrats on being included. Thanks for keeping it real with your story of making the same mistake more than once on the same block…I’ve sewn the same border on upside down more than once. That was a very bad day, clearly one on which I should not have been allowed near sharp instruments such as a rotary cutter.

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