On the Needles – Yarn everywhere…..

Yes I have yarn everywhere – I was digging through some of the tubs looking for a specific yarn I knew was there somewhere.  In the meantime, the last of the yarn I had ordered has arrived (I need no more yarn, I need no more yarn…..).  So I have the last container to search (it’s always in the last one isn’t it?) and then I can find the new arrivals a home in one of those tubs and get them stored away again.

First tho – my Cardipalooza sweater is coming along nicely after having to rip back about half of one front because I changed my mind from having the lace run across the entire front and having to try to decrease out stitches in that lace pattern.  It looks much better now.


You can see up at the edge of the neckline on the right front there is a little sort of triangular section of stockinette where some of the lace ends.  This pattern doesn’t work well trying to decrease those neck edges and keeping to pattern so I just continued with the two outer repeats of lace up the shoulder.  I’m going to wait until I get the other front done  and do that one a bit differently to see which I like best so I may go back and change that first side — or not because I think the collar I plan to put on this sweater will cover up that section anyway.  But that’s a decision I’ll think on later.


Do I need to cast on another sweater while this one  (and perhaps others) are already on the needles.  YES!!!  I’m very excited because I’ve been waiting for Amy Herzog’s CustomFit program to have A-line pattern generating capabilities and now it does.  You can read more about it here.   You know I have previously mentioned one or two or many times how I think CustomFit  is the best thing since sliced bread — okay if there had been no sliced bread I might not have needed CustomFit as much but we won’t go into that  – so it’s better than sliced bread!   I have been wanting to make an A-line sweater but most are written as top down designs (which I don’t like doing) or the sizing wasn’t right.  Now I can make the sweater I want, bottom up, seamed, and finally use this lovely drapey swatch I have been saving since —


I looked back and I had originally posted that photo in October 2014.  It’s definitely time to knit that yarn.

I’ve been wanting to make a Folly Cove – ish sweater for quite some time.  But with CustomFit I can make the changes I want  to adjust that design.  I like that it’s a fairly plain sweater with just those touches of lace.  If this turns out the way I envision in my head – it will be to wear to a wedding – and I want something simple with a bit of a drapey bottom hem  (straight rather than the split hem on the original pattern) and I want 3/4 sleeves.  So I’ll be generating my pattern later today and look to see photos in the not too distant future of this lovely dark rich red yarn on my needles.  The original pattern is written for worsted weight but mine will be a whole lot of knitting in fingering weight.

20160430_9The extra color I ordered to complete the grouping for  On The Spice Market shawl arrived.  The rest was from the stash but the purple one is the new addition.  This project will wait awhile before I start it  – yes even I realize I have too many things on the needles (cause I’m running out of needles!) 🙂

In the CustomFit Ravelry group they were talking about various types of yarns and cost-conscious yarns for those of us who use more than just a couple of hanks/skeins to make a sweater — it can get very expensive.   One of the yarns Amy Herzog suggested was Berroco Vintage.   I had used Cascade 220 (nonsuperwash) for a sweater (which is a more cost conscious yarn in my opinion) and that sweater is so heavy to wear – I love it but it’s definitely heavy.  So I decided to take a look at the Berroco Vintage — I was looking at the Webs website (I like their site because it shows me how many hanks/skeins are left in stock – I hate finding something I love, putting it in a cart only to find out they don’t have enough in stock). $8.50 a hank is not a bad price but BONUS! it happened to be on sale for $5.99.  So you know I couldn’t pass it up (I did stop at a local craft store that carries it to see if I liked the feel of it and I do). So a sweater’s worth of each of these arrived.

20160430_4It’s Blue Moon and Lilacs – I think you can tell which is which even from my not so great photo.  These are both heathers and the Blue Moon has that great blue and I think you can just see the purple flecks within it — I love this one.  It’s a wool, acrylic, nylon blend and it feels so soft and it feels much lighter in weight than the Cascade so won’t make as heavy feeling sweater as that one.


Must go clean up all the yarn piles!