State of the Stash

Hmmm…. the state of the stash – well both yarn and fabric seem to be expanding lately.  However, no new fabric in this week and soon, very soon, I should have a top or two completed so I can tally up the fabric used.

Yarn — well, I found some good sales, which is unusual, and one of the yarn types I love was restocked at TLE and I had to get some while it was available. 🙂

The group on the left is Malabrigo Finito which I so love the feel of.  It’s great for cowls and other little accessories.  I’d love to have a sweater out of it but it’s one of those that is dyed in small batches and can vary greatly from batch to batch so I’ll stick with cowls and little shawls and scarfs – it feels so good next to your skin.

On the right is some more Classic Elite Soft Linen like I am making my green sweater out of.  The place I ordered the green from  had put a couple more colors on discontinued clearance so it was too good a price to pass up. The color is Tropical Sea which is a bit more bluey-green than my photo shows.

I’ve decided to go a different path than originally planned for my On The Spice Market KAL shawl.



These were the original colors I got which I love  but I remembered some yarn in the stash that would make a more spring/summery colored one and then I could use this yarn for the other shawl I want to make The Joker and The Thief by the same designer as Spice Market.

So here’s the yarn from the stash that I will use for my Spice Market.

20160424_6I’ve been saving this yarn for something special – especially since I found ore of the “mink” color on sale – the taupe-ish color on the left.  It’s Knit One Crochet Too Covet and you definitely would want to “covet” it if you felt it.  I thought the Finito was soft but this is so incredibly soft  -100% superbaby alpaca.  This you just want to pet it feels so good.  But I need one more color.  The local shop where I had purchased most of this closed but I went searching on line and found a color of it called Rose Quartz – a light purple color so have ordered that.  Looking forward to getting started on this one.