How many curling irons does on person need?

My plan to clean the sewing room – haven’t gotten that far yet because I decided the bathroom really should be on my list first.   I was trying to think when the last time was that I cleaned out the cabinets below my sink vanity.  Yep, if I can’t remember it was a very long time ago.

The sink has a nice sized vanity cabinet with one drawer on each side of the sink and double doors below.  Trust me – you can cram a whole lot of stuff in that open area under the sink.  So I pulled everything out – hence the question about curling irons.

I had four various sized curling irons, two hair dryers, and a set of hot rollers all tangled up in one spot. I have curling irons in different widths since I’ve had longer hair and very short hair and length somewhere between the two and some irons also blow air with a brush attached.  Now what’s really funny is I can’t remember when I last used either the hair dryers or curling irons — probably when my hair was really short like in the blog photo on the side – but that was a couple years ago now.

Used to be I wouldn’t have gone out of the house without blown, curled and sprayed into place hair and makeup.  Now I’m not saying I certainly wouldn’t benefit from still doing those things but I pretty much roll out of bed into the shower, and as I’m headed out the door to the bus I have done nothing more than comb the tangles out of my extremely straight hair which is still wet as I go out the door.  Makeup – well eye makeup stopped being worn after my eye surgery so I only wear that for specific occasions, if then, and I’m allergic to so many creams, scents, lotions, etc. that makeup in general can be more hassle than it’s worth.

So in addition to getting rid of two of the four curling irons (well I may use the other ones one of these days), I cleaned out the drawers and a whole lot of old and dried up makeup hit the trash and when’s the last time I painted my fingernails?   Quilting and knitting are hard on nail polish –  let alone what typing does to it.   Hair dryers/curlers have been corralled in two plastic drawers that fit inside the bottom of the vanity.  I’ve pulled out all the old expired medicines  – and things like the One A Day vitamins that expired three years ago that I clearly never took “one a day” of .  Now to sort through the near empty bathroom cleaning stuff bottles.  But first I had to take a coffee break and write you this exciting blog posts – yep – Saturdays around here can be just riveting. 🙂  So how many curling irons do you have?? I’m betting I’m not the only one who has more than she could ever use at the same time. LOL

I think a pan of Cream Cheese Squares are in my future – well I’m only making half a pan.  A treat for later and then maybe I’ll go finish up the bathroom cleaning……

Oh and just so there’s a pretty picture included now that my ramblings are done – my quilt pattern, Tossed on the Breeze, is now available for download at Hoffman California International Fabrics website.  Just a simple little leaf quilt with two slightly different blocks.



6 comments on “How many curling irons does on person need?

  1. I cleaned out my lingerie drawer recently. Even though I’ve worn a skirt or dress exactly twice in the last 15+ years, I had 12 slips! And lots of pantyhose. Begone!

  2. I cleaned everything in the bathroom a month or so ago. I do have two curling irons, one set of hot rollers and two hairdryers! I haven’t used the curling irons or the hot rollers since I had my hair cut shorter last summer. One of the hair dryers I use every day and the other is a tiny travel size for trips on the motorcycle. It felt really good to go through all of the drawers and cabinets in my bathroom and do a good cleaning. I might do it again in 10 years or so! ! ! The leaf quilt is very pretty!

  3. I can relate. I am a nurse please check all medications including OTC’s for expiration date then call it a day!

    • That’s what I was doing – tossing all the old outdated stuff, stuff I hadn’t used in years or stuff I couldn’t remember what I had it for in the first place. Way to early to call it a day tho – many things that need to be done. 🙂

  4. I have one hair drier that I know of. I haven’t cleaned the cupboards in the bathroom in I don’t know when either. I like the leaf quilt!

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