On the Needles – 4/22/16 -and Barn Dance

My knitting projects just seem to be messing with me a bit lately.  Or maybe I have too many going that I’m not paying enough attention.


This is the front of the sweater I’m working on (the piece on the left).  The piece on the right was the same section of front but as you can see (even tho it’s sideways in the photo) I got a good 8″ or so into it before I realized I had goofed.  I was going to try having the lace pattern (which is really pretty but doesn’t show up well in my photos) going across the entire front of the sweater.  The lace pattern just happened to be an 8 stitch repeat and I needed to decrease 8 stitches for the waist shaping so that would take out an entire repeat.

But…. with all the yarn overs and decreases and slipped stitches, I couldn’t get it to look right as I was decreasing out that section.   Then I realized even worse I forgot to leave any edge stitches in stockinette stitch in order to easily seam the sides.  Seaming into open lacy stuff is not very sturdy and the I got to thinking – I totally forgot about decreasing at the armholes – that’s going to make that lace pattern very weird to deal with.  So the piece on the right just got ripped out and wound back into a ball but I’ve solved all my problems redoing the section on the left and am very happy with it.

This photo shows a the lace pattern a bit better.


I may rethink the plain sleeves I was going to make and add some lace there too.

And on the quilty front — the last block size for the Barn Dance QAL is now available and can be downloaded.

I just have to sew the sections of these blocks together and all my blocks for this project will be done – miraculous!


Tomorrow it will be time to put refold and sort out scraps too small to save from all the stacks of batiks I have sitting all over that I pulled out for these blocks  – time to get them off the floor and tables and back on the shelves where they belong …. until next time I decided to toss them all over.  Then to clean off the design wall so I can see how much of this quilt I can get up on the design wall — don’t know that it will all fit.