I’m declaring winter over

April 17 – the second day in a row where I got up and opened the door and opened a window or two a bit to let in the fresh air and it’s not making me cold.  The sun is shining – I am declaring my winter over and hopefully Mother Nature won’t be arguing with them.

See…..There is green stuff growing on that hillside – okay they are weeds but at least it’s still growing stuff.  The photo was taking thru my screen door so it’s got a bit of a grid over lay effect. 🙂20160417_8

There’s one or two trees out there that I can just barely see a tuft of green leaves starting to sprout out on and the tulips on the Capitol grounds across from the office  are up – not blooming yet but it’s nice to see growing things again.

It’s Stash reporting day over at Judy’s Patchwork Times.   As for both the yarn and stash reports – I seem to be enhancing both lately since got yarn for a sweater (Wollmeise DK in color 82Pb – which is black so not really exciting to photograph)  – okay really yarn for two sweaters because I got another great deal on a discontinued color that couldn’t be passed up  in the same type yarn as the green cardi I’m working on now – Classic Elite Soft Linen which is a linen/alpaca/wool blend which I am loving)

I finished the back of the green cardi last night – love that lace


and also recently got yarn for a KAL – On the Spice Market shawl which I hope to get started on today.

And yes some fabric actually arrived this week also.  I’d really like to finish my Christmas Town Sampler  quilt before next Christmas.  One of the things (other than just general procrastination) that was holding me up is I was not happy with the fabric I had gotten for border/sashing use (actually more than one fabric and they just were not quite right).  I wanted snowy looking fabric but the colors were never right since I used short of a more of a bright pastel sort of color scheme in my blocks.20160417_9 This green snowflake print which I found on sale I think will be perfect – at least it picks up the shades of the greens I used in the blocks.

But – there is hope to add to the finished numbers soon – if I ever get the three sweaters waiting or seaming done (two are winter ones so I’m not in a rush to finish those right now) and I’ve got two quilts partially quilted that I need to finish and nearly all my Barn Dance blocks are completed.   I think I need to take a week’s vacation to hang out at home and work on some of these things.



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