Batiks everywhere

My original plan for today was that I would clean up the sewing room so I can reclaim the sewing table that is currently piled with batiks, along with the batiks on my dining table, and get the batiks off the floor near the dining table and on the breakfast bar put away also.  Since the sewing table is too much of a mess to sew on I’ve been using my dining table which means I have strewn the mess into the entire apartment.

But, as I was about to start that cleaning I decided that since I only had two of the Barn Dance biggest blocks left to make, I should just go ahead and get those cut out so that I wouldn’t need to paw through all the batiks once I had put them all away.  Of course then I decided I might as well do some sewing on them.

So I’ve been puttering along on them while doing a few other things and I have all but the final seams left to stitch.


Of course it’s now 4 p.m. and that is definitely too late in the day to think about any serious cleaning.  But not to late to taste test some more chocolate chip banana bread, put a movie in, and knit for a while — of course any time is the right time to do those things.


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  1. Of course! Any time is a GREAT time to knit!!! Great job on your quilt blocks! (And good luck cleaning up that sewing room! Hahaha!)

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