Lots accomplished today

It’s been a busy baking, cooking, laundry, sewing, knitting day.  After cleaning up my salsa- making mess, a large loaf of banana bread and three mini loaves of banana chocolate chip bread were made (the gals at the office will be glad I made banana bread as it’s a favorite in our corner of the office).   I haven’t taste tested it yet but soon …. as soon as the coffee is ready.

Dinner – scalloped potatoes and ham (or actually smoked pork chop which tastes the same).   I just remembered I wanted to mix up some vinegar and sugar cucumbers but I’ve now cleaned up the kitchen three times so I think it will wait until tomorrow morning.  I’m terrible about brown bagging my lunch so I’m making an effort to make some things that I will actually pack up and take for lunch so have a few things to finish making tomorrow.

Got the last of the lace panel done on my sweater and even got my second of the large Barn Dance blocks finished.


Only two more blocks like this to make so I need to go stare at my design wall for a while tomorrow to decide what colors I want to use in those last two blocks.

It was a lovely day here today – probably mid 70s so just maybe the trees will start thinking about getting some leaves.  It was the first day I could open the windows and door a bit to let some fresh air in which was nice.

Now where is that chocolate chip banana bread………….