Lots accomplished today

It’s been a busy baking, cooking, laundry, sewing, knitting day.  After cleaning up my salsa- making mess, a large loaf of banana bread and three mini loaves of banana chocolate chip bread were made (the gals at the office will be glad I made banana bread as it’s a favorite in our corner of the office).   I haven’t taste tested it yet but soon …. as soon as the coffee is ready.

Dinner – scalloped potatoes and ham (or actually smoked pork chop which tastes the same).   I just remembered I wanted to mix up some vinegar and sugar cucumbers but I’ve now cleaned up the kitchen three times so I think it will wait until tomorrow morning.  I’m terrible about brown bagging my lunch so I’m making an effort to make some things that I will actually pack up and take for lunch so have a few things to finish making tomorrow.

Got the last of the lace panel done on my sweater and even got my second of the large Barn Dance blocks finished.


Only two more blocks like this to make so I need to go stare at my design wall for a while tomorrow to decide what colors I want to use in those last two blocks.

It was a lovely day here today – probably mid 70s so just maybe the trees will start thinking about getting some leaves.  It was the first day I could open the windows and door a bit to let some fresh air in which was nice.

Now where is that chocolate chip banana bread………….


Hot pepper flakes and honey?

One of my coworkers had brought in some black bean and corn salsa to share at the office which was so delicious.   I normally don’t eat black beans (kidney beans, pinto beans, etc.) but the salsa is very addicting.  I got to thinking about it one day last week and have been craving it ever since.  Last week I thought I had bought everything to make it and when I went to pull out everything to mix it up, I had no black beans.  Dang!

So I have now procured black beans and set to chopping.  Actually I didn’t work too had at the chopping because I have one of these choppers, which I love.

20160416_5It’s one of those where you just close the lid ad push on it to send foods through the chopping grid.  I used the smaller one (which is in place) for the salsa but to the right you can see the larger grid that can be swapped in.

You can find a similar chopper in Walgreen’s in the “as seen on tv” section but I got this one at Aldi’s and it was much cheaper and the exact same thing.

So far it’s been good for everything I wanted to chop.  Last time I made applesauce I peeled and quartered the apples and used the large chopper grid to put them thru so it wouldn’t take as long to cook.  Worked great.

Anyway – it helped make quick work of this stuff


I had looked at several recipes on line and pretty much they have the same major ingredients so I decided to just wing it.   Red pepper, , green pepper, red onion, the bottom are tomatoes put thru the chopper – I used sweet red grape tomatoes and golden sunburst tomatoes.  Those little tomatoes are great to use – don’t have to worry about seeding them and you can see there’s some juice in the bottom of the container but I drained that out so my salsa wouldn’t be too wet.  I used frozen supersweet corn (which I of course thawed) and black beans.    Lemon juice, red pepper flakes, black pepper  and honey.


I had to have a taste test and it is going to be great tho I might have added a few too many pepper flakes — or it could have been the tortilla chips since they are from a fantastic local restaurant that sells their chips in the local stores and they have some seasoning on them that is just delicious.  Best tortilla chips ever.

20160416_7I may have to have a little bit of it to hold me over to dinner since I never ate lunch.

But now there are those bananas I took out of the freezer to defrost.  Banana bread, banana chocolate chip muffins  – not sure what I’ll make them into but they were taking up too much room in the freezer and I had other stuff I needed to get in there.

One more photo – I didn’t get all the way through the lace at the top of my sweater back last night but made good process nonetheless.  Only one or two more repeats to go but I really like this lace pattern.


Big Blocks

I’ve made my tester block for the Barn Dance quilts largest hole in the barn door block.  The finished block will measure 24″ and has three smaller complete blocks set within it.

The picture was taken at a bit of an angle but here’s my first completed one.

20160416_1  Instructions will be coming soon to start making the three smaller blocks that make up part of the larger  block.  Once those 12 smaller blocks are completed, it takes no time to get the rest of these big blocks set together.

Here’s that block on the design wall with all the others I have finished.  No way will all these blocks fit up on the design wall for this project.