On the Needles – 4/15/16

There are way too many things on the needles – although that doesn’t seem to stop me from adding more things on needles.

I love the On The Spice Market shawl and there’s a KAL and after looking at all the lovely color combinations people are using in their shawls, I couldn’t resist.


This is the yarn I will be using – a Miss Babs yummy 2-ply toes gradient set – this color grouping is called Gemstones.  The yarn at the top is my background – same type of Miss Babs yarn but this color is Fleur de sel.  I am showing some self-control tho – I’m not winding yarn and casting on this very minute.  Maybe tomorrow night….

Tonight I’m hoping to get the back of my CF Cardipalooza sweater done.  I was knitting along merrily and realized oh no – I forgot I was adding a lace pattern to the upper back of this sweater.  But I think it will still work out and actually be easier since all the armhole shaping is already done so I was spared the math of figuring out how many stitches were going to be decreased and getting the center of the lace pattern centered in the sweater.

20160415_2I’ve just started on a couple of the rows of the lace on the top in the photo.  There won’t be as wide a swath of it as originally planned but that’s okay. It’s an easy lace pattern so should go pretty quickly.

I also finally got back on track with the lace wrap after many false starts.  Here’s how far I got – it has gotten set aside for a bit because I really want to concentrate on my sweater (and that shawl I’ll undoubtedly start tomorrow) 🙂