This set done


6″, 12″ and 18″blocks all finished.  And one extra block in there which I didn’t realize until I stuck them all up on the design wall. I forgot I had made a test block of the 18″ block before cutting the rest so have one extra one.  I’ll just wait until all the blocks are done and then decide which one to pull out.

As for  that knitting project I was having issues with – well they continue –  I think I was a bit to sleepy as I was knitting the last pattern row of the first repeat.  Knit the 5 stockinette rows after that pattern row and then realized my yarn overs were not in the right place.   Drat I ripped it back again.  But it was also a chance to change one other thing that was sort of bugging me.  When I changed the side border garter stitches from 3 to 10, I also knit 10 rows garter as the end edging.  But 10 rows don’t end up to be as wide in inches as 10 stitches do.  So now I’ll widen the starting edging a bit more and see if I can actually knit more than two repeats of the pattern without running amok!   This pattern isn’t difficult but clearly things are conspiring against me – or I’m conspiring against myself – but this time it is going to be perfect. (or else!)


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  1. Looking good, Denise! Thanks for the next set of blocks and the show n tell.
    I am admiring your persistence with finding the right pattern and gauge for your scarf, too! Have a great week! Cathy

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