Saturday, April 9, 2016

I shan’t talk about the cold winds and snow flurries flying about the past couple days – it’s April in Wisconsin – that’s what it does.  One day you don’t need a coat – the next it snows.

This week I have stopped and started and restarted and changed patterns, changed needle sizes, switched to double stranded — yes a knitting project that is just not cooperating but I think I have finally tamed it today.  I wanted a long rectangular scarf in lace weight yarn to go with a sweater.  I didn’t like the first two patterns I tried, needle size was too large.  Decided maybe I didn’t really like lace weight yarn so tried it doubled.  Didn’t care for that or the pattern I tried.   Finally went back to single strand, smaller needle and a different pattern.  Restarted that three times – once thinking I had messed up, second time when I got to the same spot I realized the pattern has several things amiss in it.  I figured out what was wrong and restarted again only to decided I didn’t like the little three stitch border on it and really liked the look of someone else’s project in Ravelry that had a wider edging.  What the heck – ripped it back again.  If I’m going to be knitting 90 or so inches of this I want to love it when it’s done.  Here it is before I ripped it back the last time to make the edging wider.20160409_2

I’ve cast on again and have the first chevron repeat section finished so on to the second one.  One good thing with all this restarting – I now have the pattern memorized so can just read my knitting as I go and not have to follow the written instructions.


This evening I finished off another pile of Hole in the Barn Door blocks.   Here’s all my 6″ blocks so far — I’ve tallied them up and I need to make just three more and then I can move on to the next size.  So if you are stitching along on this one, look for a new block size instruction to be posted soon.


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  1. My knitting goes about like that. That’s going to be a pretty scarf. Will have to watch for it.

  2. Cracked up over your knitting. Sorry if it was at your expense. Anyway, I’d say you are persistent! Good job!

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