Happy April

April showers may bring may flowers but I don’t think those tulips which have just begun poking their leaves through the soil thought too much of the snowstorm yesterday.  Not much and it didn’t least long but it was really windy so it looked like a blizzard out there for a short time.

Yesterday, a bunch of chores got done, some moving of furniture, and a bit of knitting.

I’ve got some blocks partially sewn for Barn Dance and hope to finish off the last of my 6″ blocks this week so we can move on to the next block size in the not too distant future.  Anyone sewing along on this one?  I’d love to see photos of your progress in the Flickr group.   I know there are several people from the Ravelry Quilters Knitting group who are since I’ve seen their photos posted there.

These lovelies arrived at my door yesterday.    On the left is JulieSpins! Lace in the color called Farmers Market.20160402_1

On the right is some Wollmeise Pure in Zimtapfel.   I had a brain storm – a fall wedding I will be going to so I think I may make a pretty sweater out of the Wollmeise and a light large rectangular wrap to go with it in the lace yarn.  I just love the colors in the Farmers Market yarn.  After receiving this I also remembered I have some JulieSpins! yarn for a sweater I had ordered for the 2014 Unclub in Aleppo Pepper that is nearly the same color – DUH!  Which is oh so silky feeling.  I may use that instead of the Wollmeise and mix the Wolmeise with another color I have in the stash to make a striped pullover.   I need to pull out the Aleppo Pepper and see if it will cooperate.  I know I haven’t used it (past doing a swatch) because the hanks were not winding properly – I hate that but it happens from time to time with all kinds of yarn.  So will see if I have the patience to mess with it.

I started the shawl last night but the stitch pattern is causing my hands to hurt when repeating those movements a zillion times across tiny stitches.  I’m going to try switching to a different pattern and different needles to see if that helps — I want a simple airy rectangular shawl.

I haven’t decided for sure on the sweater but have a couple in mind.  And in the meantime last week I cast on a CF version of the Hedwig pattern on Ravelry and am moving right along on the back.  I do love the feel of this linen blend yarn.


I also have made a bit of progress on the sleeves shell to go under my striped cardi.


On the left is the striped front of the cardigan and on the right a start on the shell to go under it.  I’m just sort of making up the pattern of stripes/color blocked sections in the shell as I go using the leftover yarns.


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  1. The two new yarns you purchased are just heavenly. I hope you make them up soon as I’m anxious to see what they become.

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