Happy Easter

Happy Easter.   It’s a drizzly dreary day here weather wise but I’ve spent the afternoon sewing and watching movies.  The snow and ice we got a few days ago is long gone.  Now we just need a bit of sunshine to brighten things up – literally.cross

But gray and rainy days are good for knitting and sewing.  I’ve got nearly  a dozen or more Barn Dane blocks  about half done and my swatch for my sweater has dried.20160327_1.JPG

I did decide that the bobbles don’t show up as well in this blend yarn – they are sort of flat – so am going to switch to a different pattern for this yarn and use the Lente pattern with some fatter rounder yarn that keeps the bobbles plumped and round.

I’ve decided to make a sweater similar to Hedwig.   I think it will look nice in this yarn with the simple lace design in the pattern.

I also finished the back of my sleeveless top to go under my striped sweater last night so I can start on the color-blocked front.   Time to plug in another movie and cast on.