Lazy Saturday

I thought about cleaning out some closets today, doing laundry, scrubbing floors…. and then I thought …I’ll just stay in my jammies and sew… so that’s mostly what I’ve done today.

I got sixteen more Barn Dance blocks finished today.  20160326_1


The colors in these are brighter than they appear  – one of the lightbulbs in the sewing room has burnt out and it’s a dreary sort of day outside so not a good day  to take photos or to be without a replacement bulb.  (yep all those new bulbs that say they are supposed to last for five years or seven years – I think they are counting those years in dog years or something because I’ve never had one last longer than any normal lightbulb).

But I digress….

So here’s all the blocks I’ve got pieced so far20160326_2

If I make the same amount number of each type of six inch block (ones using only one colored fabric and the others using two colored fabrics) I think I’m done now with the one colored fabrics group but need to double check  and then count up how many two colored block sets I have cut out that are ready to sew.


Look what the postman left a my door today – speedy delivery from Webs this time.  It usually takes longer to get here.  The yarn is a bit more greenish than my photo looks – hopefully when I get the swatch done I can get a shot of it in natural light.  But there will be some swatching going on this evening.

Now I couldn’t pass these up at the store yesterday because they were just too funny.   A friend at work and I are both Peeps lovers so I had to pick us up each some peeps on a stick (I “might” have already eaten mine).  So if you like Peeps (and I realize there are many people who don’t – crazy right?) LOL there’s nothing better than a “Peeps Kabob”.  Especially good for those people who can’t decide what color Peeps they want to buy. 🙂