Mother Nature can be so cruel

It’s been a warmer than average winter, and less snowy than average, and we’ve had a week or two of 40 and 50 temps, sunshine, it looked like spring was on it’s way.

Then today….. I woke up to ice hanging on the trees, school  closings in the area.  I walked out the door this morning, to lightening, and alternating rain and sleet since the temps were hovering right around freezing.   Then later in the day the winds picked up and the snow started, still mixed with sleet.  It was dang cold when I left work trying to shield myself with my umbrella from the pelting snow/ice.  And… I needed to make a stop at the transfer point to hop off and run a quick errand. Drat.  But the snow had let up a bit.

Then when I came back out to the transfer point the snow had picked up again and the winds at that spot (on a hill out in the open) were nasty.  I was glad to see my bus pull up.  By the time I got to my stop, the sun was trying to come out – it was the brightest it had been all day, and the snow had stopped.  It looked like we had never had such a nasty day..well except for all the trees covered in ice, the many electric trucks on the way home that were fixing power lines (luckily no problem with mine) and every street sign that has a cute little line of about 2-3″ icicles almost evenly spaced all along the bottom edge.  It looks like they all have fringe on them.   It’s March, it’s Wisconsin, and it’s to be expected but it was not so nice to be out in.  Hopefully tomorrow when I head out to the bus it will all be melted…. maybe.

So to counteract the winter blahs, I’ve been trying to figure out what sort of cardigan I want to make for the Amy Herzog Designs Cardipalooza KAL.


It can be a CustomFit pattern or it can be any of Amy’s non-CF designs.   You can see more works in progress in her Ravelry group but I see so many great sweaters there it’s hard to decide what I want to make.  I have two cardigans that are CF designs that I want to finish during this Cardipalooza (yes you can finish one already in progress – it’s all about the knitting during Cardipalooza time so doesn’t matter if you’ve already started one).    But I happened upon a great deal on some yarn – the color says spring to me so I’m planning my new cardigan.

classiceliteyarnssoftlinen-citrine_medium  The yarn is Classic Elite Yarns Soft Linen in Citrine colorway. It’s a linen, wool and alpaca blend and I got it for a third of it’s normal cost so I got lots of it and am thinking a cardigan and a sleeveless shell to go under it.   And I think I have decided on the pattern.  I was going to make a plain cardigan but then I saw Lente.  It’s moved up to #1 in my Ravelry queue. I love the bobbles and lace pattern on the front.  If you go to the pattern link you will also see it as a picot edge all along the edges which is the perfect finishing touch.


Now I just have to wait for the yarn to arrive so I can start swatching.  So I’m going to go crawl under a quilt, forget that it’s nasty and cold outside, and knit on my sleeveless shell that will go with my striped cotton sweater.  I still haven’t blocked the sweater – but I started the shell and have the back nearly done to the armholes.