A few blocks finished

I’ve been doing boring chores around pattern writing today.  But as I was hopping up and down from the computer to do things, I dyed a few of these.

Is one every too old to dye Easter eggs?  I certainly don’t think so.    It’s much more fun to pull out a brightly colored egg to eat than a plain old white one.


And I did get just a few of the 6.5″ Barn Dance blocks done.

20160320_5 I have a lot more of these to make but I had forgotten a large stack of 10″ batik squares I had gotten from Hoffman Fabrics.  I can follow the “using strip instructions” rather than cutting individual pieces and strips from the 10″ squares are exactly enough to get the pieces cut from them I need.  And since I’ve got about a 4″ high stack of 10″ squares, that’s a whole lot of blocks I can make.  The hard part is deciding which ones to use.  I only need another 32 more blocks in this size. 🙂  They don’t look very small in the photo above but here they are next to the 12″ blocks.