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I need to sort through the various knitting projects on the needles, see where I’m at on them, and figure out what I want to finish first.  I’ve got piles of sweater pieces that I think are ready to be blocked – or maybe already have been and are awaiting seaming.  So I picked up the pile of knitting stuff scattered in several places – put them in a laundry basket to sort through later today.

In the meantime, I finished the second sleeve on for my Denise Unbalanced cardigan.  I had some of all the colors left over and decided I wanted to make a sleeveless top to go under the cardigan as a twinset.  I plan to do some wider color blocking but didn’t know if I had enough let.  So generated a new Cutstomfit pattern for that top and I was able to find some more of the same yarn in one of the colors I had used and picked up another color just because I liked it.   After they arrived, I came across some more of the Stone color – I had more left than I thought I just hadn’t kept it all together – so the stuff on the needles below is the start of the back of the sleeveless top.  Only the front will have the color blocking on it.


Now while I will readily admit I’m pretty much a yarn snob – I love yarns with cashmere and silk blended in them – it also costs a small fortune if you are not a size 10 to make a sweater out of those types of yarns.  So it’s so great to find a yarn that is a mere pittance in comparision and gives results I like and for a cotton acrylic blend I like the feel of this.  I’m not necessarily fond of 100% cottons but this blend feels like cotton but the acrylic makes it  – well I don’t know what it makes it except it makes it more to my liking – feels nice and hot as hard on the hands to knit with.  When I did my swatch for this sweater I washed (soaked in the sink) and then tossed it in the dryer.  It came out feeling nice and my stitch gauge/rows didn’t change a bit.  Hoorah – a sweater I don’t have to find a place to layout on towels to dry.   🙂  Now the down fall is the yarn was discontinued for a second time (yes it was resurrected once before) so  it’s hard to find – or find in more than one or two balls of a single color or in a color I would even want  but I recently found these


The limey green is the same color as I used in the stripes of the Unbalanced sweater but I found enough of it, along with a bit of the blue, that I can make another sweater mainly green with the blue as accent color.  Maybe a pullover with blue in the bust to shoulder area and a stripe on the sleeve cuffs.  Anyway I was happy to find some that would work with the yardage I needed.

My socks are slowly moving along — I had a sore knuckle for a few days last weekand I don’t know if it was from spending several hours knitting on these socks holding the smaller needles or from something else (although I vaguely remember whacking my hand into a cabinet or something)  anyway I could barely use one finger for a day or two so I had to set these aside for a bit.  Fingers are back to normal so I can carry on.

As you can see there is a bit of pooling going on sole of the foot.  I didn’t think this yarn would pool but I forgot about the fact that the sole of the sock doesn’t have the texture pattern that the top of the foot does – blue and darker colors on the bottom and the top is mostly the light colors.  It will be interesting to see what happens when I get to that point on the second sock.


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