Bigger on the Inside

While I was waiting for my grocery delivery man this morning, I was printing some quilt design templates for a pattern I need to write up, and then I started playing with this design.  It’s National Quilting Day after all – what better excuse to ignore a bit of the cleaning and do something quilt-related.   (Although I was most disappointed with my local PBS station who is doing pledge drive right now but didn’t have the good sense to have any quilt shows on for NQD!)

Anyway – I love those optical designs that make things look different than they truly are.  this one is colored in so you see a circular looking design.  It looks like it has curves but it doesn’t.  I dislike having to come up with quilt names but this one came easily — Bigger on the Inside — because it IS bigger on the inside.  (And yes, I am a long time Dr. Who fan so that name was not hard to come up with and those who are Who fans will understand.) ; -)   It’s just the same block (quarter square triangle square in a square)  that changes size and gets stretched across a grid pattern.

bigger on the inside

This one I could actually see making for myself – I keep thinking of ways to use that batik stash now I just need to stop coming up with new plans and actually get to cutting and sewing on them.  I was just thinking this design might also make an interested Christmas tree skirt design.

Speaking of this to cut and sew – all these lovelies were added to the stash.  I am determined to make a quilt large enough for my bed.  (The only large quilt I kept for myself is not large enough for the type of mattress I have so it doesn’t reach on the sides to the top of the bedskirt – I hate that.)   I have several projects to work on first so this one will go on the back burner I think.


I love those shades of yellow – and what is better than yellow and gray together.  And see, I even thru in some pinks and another group has sort of a light blueish/green background that is pretty close to the color of my bedroom furniture.  I’m not sure what design I’ll use but it will be a simple one to just let these lovely fabrics show themselves off – especially the gorgeously paisleys.  I think I pulled fabrics from 3 or 4 different fabric lines for this project.


Last but not least – my new Loopy tote bag which came along for the ride with the fabric.  TLE showed it with all the various pins and participation badges on it that they’ve used over the years.  What I great idea to show them off all in one spot.  I collected some of the ones I have which were close at hand – some stuck on the bulletin board in my sewing room and some in the button bin since I really wasn’t sure what to do with them.  So I’ll have to see if there are any more lurking anywhere around here.


But what could be better than a nice big project bag (it even zippers at the top which I really like) to do double duty and house all those buttons and badges.

Okay – seriously going to get busy now.  I’ve printed all my templates and other stuff I need to start writing up a pattern for a Hoffman California Fabric coming out at spring market since that is first and foremost on my must do list for this weekend, while I try to figure out what’s for dinner.  The upside of having just received the grocery delivery – many good things to choose from.  It’s cold (so much for wearing just a sweater to work the beginning of last week – there were snowflakes out there today) and I think that roast I bought, along with some carrots and potatoes and onions roasting with it — that may be the winner.  Plus leftovers which would be a bonus for later in the week.