So easily distracted

Well heck – my coffee break continues (tho I did stop to make some brownies and clean up the kitchen) as I was thinking maybe when I cut the batik pieces for my Barn Dance blocks, I could cut pieces for a second quilt too.  Since I’m going to be cutting from lots of different fabrics, why not make the most of it while I’m making a mess with all those fabrics before putting them away.

I still haven’t come up with a final plan for the second project I plan to cut, but these are contenders.  Now I really AM going to go finish straightening up in the sewing room so that when I do finalize a plan, I can actually get to cutting on it

Okay ….. after I finish my coffee and brownie fresh from the oven…

mosaic no 15mosaic no 18


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  1. Oh my, I think they both are great! Decisions, decisions. I also think your spring birdies are the cutest!

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