A diversion

While I was waiting for my groceries to be delivered, I was in EQ putting some final touches on a design for Hoffman Fabrics – spring quilt market approaches you know. 🙂

Anyway so when I finished that I opened up a design I had been playing with for me – maybe to use as one of the wedding quilts I need to make or maybe to make just for fun or maybe to make for me (I have one lone quilt finished for my own bed and it’s not large enough – or maybe to just draw and never make.   But it’s always fun to see how one block can look so different when twisted and turned, set on point, or just different pieces colored in differently.

Here’s the latest one I was playing with – all the same block  – but twisted and turned and colored in a bit differently.  But no more playing with this for today — I need to go get that sewing room cleaned up…..after I find a snack….. 🙂





5 comments on “A diversion

  1. I love how something as simple as turning or different coloration changes a block so much. Love the bunny birds with their cotton tails and rain boots. Rina

  2. Wow! Those quilts are quite a diversion. Hope you can share your pattern one day. They are gorgeous.

  3. Love your new banner at the top of your blog! Springy, cheerful, and adorable! The last EQ picture is my fav.

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