Barn Dance QAL and On The Needles

Just a heads up I have added instructions for the next block size to be made for the Barn Dance QAL.  I haven’t started cutting mine yet but hope to get to that tomorrow.  Please share photos of your blocks in the Flickr group – it’s always fun to see the variety of fabrics.  The link to my Flickr group is in the right sidebar of the blog.

On the Needles – well I’ve been hopping back and forth a bit between projects.   I haven’t gotten any farther on my cowl with the beads – I have to be in the right mood to futz  with adding those beads although it really doesn’t take long so I should just get on with it. 🙂

In the meantime,  I’ve made more progress on my CF Vines in the Raspberry Patch sweater.  The right front is just past the armhole bindoffs.  The vine and leaves are really going to stand out nicely once everything is blocked.


Altho they don’t show up well in these photos. 20160311_4

And I also started on my Movie Night socks in the Bebop yarn.  I was just about to decide to rip it back and use the yarn for something else when the pattern finally clicked in my head and I was able to memorize it (all 16 rows – although half of those are just knit rows) so that I can read my knitting and know where I am rather than having to read the pattern line by line as I’m knitting.  It’s very hard to do that when I’m on the bus!  So I’ve continued on.  I started these last Saturday and mostly knit on them on the bus so they moved along fairly quickly (and I expect will go more quickly now that I understand the pattern) and I’m ready to turn the heel.


The heel flap stitch is done sort of the reverse of the normal way I do it and I think it like it a little better although it doesn’t look too much different.  The stitch pattern in the leg is hard to see in my photo but it has some great texture up close and makes for a lovely squishy feel.

The striped sweater is still laying in the corner with one sleeve cap left to finish.  IF I get the sewing room cleaned this weekend (and that’s a big IF because you can hardly walk into that room – I’ve been moving furniture pieces about in other rooms a  very large book shelf ended up in the sewing room so I need to do a bit more furniture rearranging to get it on the wall I want it on and in the meantime, I’ve just piled “stuff” all over the table in there and on every other surface), but IF I can see the table top again at some point this weekend I’d like to get the striped sweater blocked so I can start seaming.