On the Needles – 3/5/16

20160305_3 Made great progress this week on my Vines in the Raspberry Patch sweater.  I just have two or three rows to finish on one shoulder and then the back will be done.  Then on to something other than just straight stockinette.  The vines up the front of the sweater pieces which are shown on my swatch.

I’m still contemplating whether I will put the vines up the middle of the sleeve but I’m leaning towards not.  Don’t think I want that band of reverse stockinette up the center of my sleeve – it will just make my arm look fatter than it is. 🙂


My gray striped sweater just needs a few more rows on the second sleeve’s sleeve cap and then it will be ready for blocking so I can get to the seaming.   I also need to get back to my Loopy Mixer February project – the beaded cowl.  Maybe this weekend since that is not good bus knitting – I’m at the second beaded area (open container of beads and bus knitting do not mix) 🙂

I also have planned my Loopy Mixer knitting project March.  The Planet theme for March is Mars and the project, or yarn, or pattern name, etc. needs to start with the letter “M”.  I’ve decided to make the “Movie Night Sock” pattern using this Bebop color yarn.



Beebop is the bright one and the colors are based on the image next to it.  TLE has a new special yarn each month based on a photo taken by the shop owner’s husband who is a professional photographer.  Check out the photos – I particularly love the mountain goat shots and there’s one of an old boat on it’s side I really like.

Here’s what the Bebop looks like caked.


As I was winding this I was thinking just how skinny sock yarn is. LOL  Since I’ve been working on two worsted weight sweaters, this really feels thin!

They won’t miss me coming in these socks!



7 comments on “On the Needles – 3/5/16

  1. I always think it is good to have a little variety in your clothing. This fabulous sweater can be your go-to pink! I find when knitting socks I always go for the darker colors, so I just bought some sunny/red to mix things up a bit. Your sweater is going to be so nice when finished! Cheers! Evelyn

  2. What knitting technique do you use? You must be a really fast knitter! I’d love to accomplish what you do in a weekend (I also am still working FT but hope to retire one of these days). Thanks! Nancy Thone, Menomonee Falls.

    • I don’t particularly think I’m a fast knitter. As for technique – I throw, but I hold my yarn and throw differently than what I’ve seen on any videos, but it’s throwing nonetheless. I do occasionally knit continental when knitting socks but not with larger items. As I say, I don’t know that I’m particularly fast but I am a “constant” knitter – I can’t stand to sit and just watch tv – my hands have to be busy. Add in the fact that I’m also a nite owl (sleep is highly overrated) so between my knitting in the evenings and my knitting on my bus ride to and from work, usually get in 5 or more hours of knitting in most days – more on the weekends. I also (as my apartment clearly shows today) prefer to knit or quilt rather than clean. So I have to accomplish a lot on the weekends since that’s when I do most cleaning and I need to get that done quickly so I can get back to doing all the other things I like doing. 🙂

  3. That pink sweater is going to be fabulous! Good thing you don’t live anywhere near me because I would be tempted to come steal it.

    • LOL. Thanks – I’ll have to keep it under lock and key. Tho pink is not a color I like in general – I really do like the color of this yarn.

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