Project Updates

First the on the needles report update — I started this CF striped sweater earlier this month.20160227_3

In addition to the back being done, I’ve now got both fronts finished – one that is plain and the other side that is striped – and one sleeve finished – the one that has a stripe of each color near the cuff (piece folded on the left above) and the plain piece to the lower right is the second sleeve which will be plain and which is not quite half done.  So this project is moving along fairly quickly since I was also working on my pink sweater part of the time.   Still working on the back of the pink sweater and haven’t really picked that one up in the last week or so.


I also got another row added to my Hillside Houses  lap quilt.  I’m working from the bottom up so those are the bottom two rows.

Due to many requests, I have also decided to share the instructions for making the blocks and setting them together for the Hole in the Barn Door wedding quilt pattern I will be working on which I’m calling “Barn Dance.”     I will also be adding a button to the blog sidebar showing the quilt design which looks like the image below.  All information as it becomes available will be found by clicking that button link.

barndoorbutton  A stack of lovely batik FQs have arrived this week to join the ones I will be pulling from the stash for this quilt, along with my background batik, so I may be able to get started on this one in a few days.


3 comments on “Project Updates

  1. Thank you for making Barn Dance available to all of us. It looks like a wonderful design and will be fun to make!

  2. Thanks, Denise! I do like that pattern and will look forward to your instructions. I may have to get that house pattern from Craftsy although when I will be able to do it is another matter! I hope you show your sweater on when done. I have no desire to knit but I like seeing your results!

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