Knitting progress


I forgot to do the Friday on the needles post.  The back of the pink sweater is about half done but I didn’t take a photo of it.

Last night I was working on the slate sweater.  Back and one front are done – finished off the right front of the sweater last night.  That’s the side that is just plain slate.  Cast on the left front last night – the side that will have stripes of five or six different colors going up the front with the stripes being four rows wide and separated by four slate rows.

Of the colors in the image below, I have dropped out the darkest brown color on the left and think I will just go with stripes of the other five colors.  The order will be red, blue, brown, green, yellow.


Thanks for all the comments on the quilt images I posted yesterday.  I’m still undecided what I will actually do (although I may make that design as as a smaller project or maybe keep it for the second wedding quilt I need to do).

I keep going back to the original design I had drawn with the first wedding in mind.    Their wedding reception is going to be held  at a place where the main hall is a renovated old barn.    So with that in mind I had drawn up this random mix of different sizes of “Hole in the Barn Door” blocks which I think would be fun to make.



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  1. Every time I see your knitting, Denise, I think,of another crochet pojectnI need to do! Nice hole in the barn door! I like the substitutions in the corners. I bet the happy couple will like it.

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