Decision made

After spreading out all the KF fabrics I had gotten and the solids – tho I like the bright colors, I don’t think I’ll use them for the wedding quilt. They are one of those fabric lines that aren’t to everyone’s tastes.   Plus I have a hard time doing scrappy  in a large quilt so these fabrics would probably drive me nuts. I can however do batiks more scrappy in larger projects since I’ve never met a batik I didn’t love.

So after spreading out the KF fabrics and solids I got to use with them that I have so far – here they are…


I decided I’d keep them for a project that I originally had planned to use KF fabrics on.  That’s the reason I never get any sewing done – I keep changing my mind about things. 🙂

Anyway – before contemplating using the KF fabrics for the wedding quilt, my plan was to use them for a lap quilt/wallhanging I’ve been wanting to make for a while.   I was given this piece by a quilting friend..


I love these colors in the house – they are a bit lighter than the image and I think of them as the “sherbert” houses – that’s what they remind me of.  Shortly after receiving this fabric, I came across a free pattern on Craftsy for Hillside Houses.


So my plan is to use the fabrics laid out above to make this project.  So now that I’ve got the KF fabric and what I’ll use them for sorted out, on to other things.

I’ve gotten emails asking about the first pattern I showed for the wedding quilt.  It’s based on a marble floor I saw in my travels.   No I won’t be writing up the pattern to share – not enough time to write up every pattern someone asks for as I’m sure you can appreciate.  But you can get a pattern for a smaller version – again on Craftsy – it looks like the same basic piecing as mine so you could easily use that to make the designs I did in EQ – it’s all about color placement or on point blocks.

kal  I love the bright modern fabrics used in that verison.

So the Hole in the Barn Door design will be a wedding quilt, in batiks and I ordered this fabric for the background.

wqI did move around a few of the blocks from the placement they were in in  the original drawing – to make it easier to piece into larger sections as block are joined, so I think this is what the layout will look like – I plugged some random batiks in just for fun.  Yep, I think I’m going to like working this up in lots of different batiks.




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