Those bright colored fabrics

All those bright fabrics – Kaffe Fassett and Kona solids – I showed in the prior blog post have arrived and so this morning, while waiting for my groceries to be delivered —

(I won’t tell you again how much I LOVE that grocery delivery service but I had added a note for the person who would be doing my shopping to see if they could add a bus card to my grocery order (since they sell them at the store’s courtesy counter).  I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to but didn’t hurt to ask and when the delivery man got to my door (bedecked a bit early in his St. Patty’s day green sparkly bowler hat!) LOL the first thing he did was hand me the envelope with my bus card inside.  Saves me from having to stop somewhere next week and get a new one – so yes I will tell you again how much I love not having to go to the grocery store!).

–back to the fabrics – I spent part of the morning (in between breaking the  Kuerig coffee maker ,which I think will now be headed to the trash bin, and doing a bit of cleaning) playing in EQ trying to decide what to do with those fabrics.  I think  they will be used for one of the wedding quilts I need to make but I may need to pick up a few more FQs to add to the stack since I don’t think I want to mix the solids in with them for the wedding quilt.

Here’s a couple of the images

w1Of course I’m totally ignoring the fact that this would be a whole lot of blocks to make.

Another version of it  – making it look like it has a dark border.


and a change to just to the coloring of the “border” area.


and  one last image – this time on point.


Then again, I could keep the KF fabrics and not have to get more and use them on a different project and for this wedding quilt use the large batik stash and get way more variety of fabrics and only maybe have to get some background fabric.  That actually may be the best plan.  Do many decisions to make……..

But one of the decisions I have made  is that the Points of View QAL will be pushed back a while.  Originally I had thought I’d post fabric requirements in February and start on it in March but I’ve had very little time to sew/quilt on things just for me (or things like family wedding gifts) so I’m going to concentrate on those for a while. The Points of View QAL will happen; it just won’t happen until some time later this year.



6 comments on “Those bright colored fabrics

  1. This is such a versatile pattern but like the others love the second one posted.
    Of course going with the batik’s will look even different. That is what a really good pattern should so.

  2. I love the second one you posted with the dark border. There are lots of pieces in these beautiful designs, so the recipient will have a real heirloom quilt. Thanks for sharing

  3. Your designs all look wonderful so you really couldn’t go wrong with any of them. I personally like the first dark border the best, but any of them will be gorgeous, especially with batiks.

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