Another Sweater Finished!

First of all I just realized it Valentine’s day.  Happy Valentine’s Day! Dang – I never even got my Wacky Heart’s wall hanging out this year to hang up.WackyHearts

Oh yes – I remember when that hill beyond the fence was lush and green like in the photo. LOL

Here’s what it looks like today – what you can’t really see is it is snowing huge fluffy flakes which are really blowing around since it’s really windy — brrr


But to keep me warm against that cold, another sweater has been added to the arsenal of warm clothes.



My Turks and Caicos CF sweater – made both for the CF Deep Winter KAL and also my January Mixer project at TLE using Wollmeise Pesto yarn that has been in the stash since 2013, is complete (tho it was still a bit damp I discovered when I tried it on so it’s back on the table to dry a bit more.

Wollmeise makes such lovely sweaters to wear.   This one – I’m not as thrilled with as some of the other sweaters I’ve made but that’s solely due to my choices.  This sweater has a squarish neckline which I’ve now decided I’m not fond of – so will make sure future sweaters don’t have that type.  I also used a heavier yarn and larger needles than what the original design as done in – which is so easy to do with CF – but I didn’t think that about the fact that it would mean the lace inset would cover a larger area and be more open than the original design — so this one is a bit obscene if I wouldn’t put a cami under it.  Also something to note for future sweaters.  But it will still be a fun sweater to wear and of course it’s green — I love all shades of green and hey  – I’m not Irish but I’ll have a great sweater to wear on St. Patty’s day.

Since I’ll have a new green sweater for St. Patty’s day, it only seems fitting that I should start a pink sweater on Valentine’s day, right?  (Okay I’m really just looking for a good excuse to cast on a new sweater today using this yarn).

20160213_9I was going to make a crew necked cardigan — sort of like the Charlie’s cardigan I finished — but I think with this one I may go more scooped necked and three quarter length sleeves.  But I shall “try” to resist a bit longer and continue on my slate sweater – where I’m not halfway between the armholes and the should edges on the back.  (Although another reason for starting a new sweater is when I get to the striped portion of the slate sweater, I’m not going to want to carry all those extra colors and knit it on the bus so I will need something else to work on ….yep, justification it’s best!) LOL


10 comments on “Another Sweater Finished!

  1. The green sweater is beautiful. But the pink is my color – love that with the pattern you have chosen.

  2. Is the quilt pattern one you designed or by someone else? Absolutely love it. Wish I could knit (used to many years ago). Your sweaters are awesome!

    • Thanks. I absolutely hate making cables -love the look of them but hate knitting them – which is why I generally choose designs like the leaves or lace patterns that don’t include any cables.

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