A Name Chosen

In case you hadn’t noticed – yesterday I gave the “not yet named” QAL project a name.  Thank you all for your name submissions.  

I chose the name suggested by Pat Anderson which was Points of View.   It seemed appropriate for several reasons, one of which is when it comes to naming quilts we all have our own “points of view”.  cropped-stars-sew.jpg

Some of you saw tulips in the design — I did not until several people gave some version of a name with the word tulip in it.  Different things jump out of a design to different people and the tulip look was not something I initially saw.   Some of you saw hearts or colors of the desert, some saw diamonds (I saw squares on point), some suggested names based on a certain colorway of fabrics I had used, etc.   Lots of great name suggestions and it’s all in your “point of view” as to what jumps out of a design at you when you look at it.

I’m hoping to get to figuring out yardage today – if my printer actually has ink in it so I can print out some pattern pages.  I don’t have a start time for this project set yet but remember the link in the sidebar will always contain the most up-to-date information.







3 comments on “A Name Chosen

  1. Glad you liked my suggested name…I thought it could convey many things also. Thanks for sharing your incredible talent with us!

  2. I plan on using hand dyed fabrics for this so I will be watching for yardage requirements. No pressure though. 🙂

    • LOL – clearly you don’t know me if you think your comment would get me to move along any more quickly than I had planned to. 🙂 Hand dyeds would be very pretty. I came across what was left of my fabric dyes last week when cleaning out the laundry room. I haven’t dyed fabric since I moved into this apt so I think maybe it’s safe to dispose of them. I miss my laundry room sink where I could be messy and not really worry about getting dye on anything.

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